The new Tiny job board for tech jobs

We are 3beards, a company focused on growing the global tech community. We’ve been running a tech job board since February 2013, as well as a whole bunch of awesome events in London and THE WORLD – Silicon Drinkabout, Don't Pitch Me Bro, Chew The Fat and Digital Sizzle.

The MVP of this job board was definitely more on the minimum side (but definitely viable), so we decided with the glorious help of @stef to fill it with rainbows and make a job board that we could be proud of.

We want to provide a job board that really helps companies find good talent and that helps good talent find the right company to work for. We don’t want it flooded with fake recruiter jobs, so we’re going to do what we can to make sure that if recruiters post jobs, they state who the job is for not "Our client" or "Blue chip cheesemaker".

Unicorns are awesome creatures of legend that espouse positivity and goodness wherever they go. They’re also billion dollar companies. So if you’re aspiring to be either of these, then join the Unicorn Hunt!

If you see something you don’t like on the board, if an unscrupulous imposter unicorn has posted a suspicious looking role, or if you can’t see who a job is for, then let us know!


Thank you to Maksim Surguy for his open source code for the Delaunay triangle background that we’ve hacked to pieces adapted in our design.