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London, UK | Full-Time

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As an Analyst at QuantSpark, you will apply the best approaches from strategy and data science to help our client's work smarter. You will support our rapidly-growing team in our day-to-day activities including data analysis, modelling, presenting to clients, building data visualisations, front-end development, advanced research, and writing thought-pieces. The exact mix will depend on your background and what we’re busy with at the time!

Our work spans across both the private and public sector, with clients including the UN, FTSE100 companies, and Private Equity firms. You could be working on projects such as decision-support analytics, defence and intelligence analysis, customer churn modelling, call centre optimisation, or open-source intelligence work.

We welcome applications from anyone with a flair for structured thinking and analysis, a real passion for technology, and an ambition to improve commercial and public-sector decision-making. We’re looking for people with a creative and robust approach to solving problems and learning new approaches – as long as you have this, you could have majored in any subject.

As a person you are:

-Fascinated by technology and analytics, and the role it plays in transforming strategic decision-making across corporations, governments, and international organisations.

-Keen to work in a high-paced, startup environment with a high degree of responsibility in helping scale our consultancy startup

-Equipped with a range of analytical, commercial, and inter-personal qualities including: 

You should have : 

>Desire to learn - much of our work is innovative and so our team needs to sustain its sense of curiosity and desire to master new techniques quickly and effectively

>Communication - we require articulate individuals who are able to understand complex information and distil this for non-technical audiences (verbal and written)

>Analytical ability - understanding data and transforming this into insight is the core of what we do, so you need to be comfortable with numbers, abstractions, and learning all about new technologies we use to crunch data

>Technical creativity - many of the solutions our clients require demand intellectual dexterity - are you good at using technology or programming to superpower decision- making processes?

Essential skills:

>Proficiency with at least one of SQL, R, or Python, with demonstrable project experience

>Strong MS Excel skills, with VBA being a strong plus

>Experience with machine learning techniques and algorithms

>Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

>Experience in strategy or management consultancy, or in an in-house strategy position would be a distinct advantage. 

Desirable skills:

>Experience with data visualisation tools and languages, such as Tableau, D3.js, ggplot

>Experience with data science platforms, such as Dataiku, Alteryx, KNIME, H2O

>Experience with front-end development and core languages (CSS, HTML5, JavaScript)

>Any other software development or programming experience