About us

We are a friendly team of technology experts who specialise in making web applications for the workplace. We believe that design-led thinking is the key to making great web applications, it’s not just how it looks, it’s how it works. It’s this approach that provides the foundations for everything we enjoy creating.

The opportunity

Working closely with our production team you’ll work on the development of bespoke web applications for our clients in the security and intelligence sectors, writing code, experimenting, and prototyping with various solutions (such as NLP ai) that aim to help improve efficiency, streamline workflows and ultimately change the way our customers businesses work. 

Expect to be working in an environment where maintaining an application’s performance when scaling it across our AWS infrastructure is just as important as ensuring the necessary two-step authentication security procedures are followed.

You will be encouraged to take your time when problem-solving, you’ll be tasked with experimenting and testing technology, perhaps the prototypes you build will break, perhaps not – but the knowledge and experience you will gain will be used across the applications you build.

You’ll be inspired to learn, share and develop your skills within our collaborative, cross-functional team in our vibrant Shoreditch offices.

Who we’re looking for

Your deep understanding of the technology sector and interest in problem-solving will play a key part in guiding the technology we choose to use. You’re comfortable using the latest tools and frameworks (plus learning new ones) and ensuring the team pick the right tools for the job. Making confident technical decisions with an open mind to future development will be critical to the success of a product.

You enjoy chatting about your ideas and concepts just as much as you like to build them. Perhaps your entrepreneurial spirit has led you to build a few personal applications of your own?

We need someone who has:

  • Experience with Symfony, Laravel or a similar backend framework
  • Experience writing complex SQL (for when Doctrine is inefficient)
  • Some experience of front-end Javascript frameworks
  • An understanding of AWS and the benefits containerisation tools such as Docker
  • Comfortable in using the OSX or Linux command lines

It would be great if you have:

  • A knack for designing good application architectures with a specific focus on building clean, maintainable systems
  • Experience using Go (or a similar language) to produce microservices
  • Experience with technologies such as cache servers (Redis) and Message Queues
  • Experience developing reusable Javascript components
  • A basic understanding of Javascript task runners and their use
  • Experience designing clear RESTful APIs
  • A good idea for clean design (although our frontend lead will be on hand to help)
  • Experience in building single page applications (SPA)

It would be absolutely ideal if you:

  • Understand frontend performance issues (Asset delivery, Caching, CDNs)
  • Have an interest in modern IT trends such as containerisation
  • Understand Behavioural and Test Driven development techniques
  • Like to experiment with new tools, technologies, and approaches to evaluate their suitability and value

Salary range £40,000 — 50,000