Are you a good fit for this role?

You are the developer in your team who appreciates what customers want, anticipates business need, and figures out the answers to problems no one else has solved.

Where others discuss why something will take weeks or months, you build software that solves business pain points within hours and days.

How are we different?

At Day Digital we believe most companies over complicate software development, we pride ourselves on keeping things simple, user-focused, and commercially pragmatic (i.e. profitable for our clients).

We focus, start small and iterate rapidly.

We help clients of all shapes and sizes, in particular larger businesses for whom technology projects often mean more process and less outcome.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a full-time developer to join the team, and build great products for our clients.

You will be a key part of the team as we enhance our reputation for being hard working, easy to deal with, and above all... getting the job done.

Other companies may emphasise ‘You must have X years experience in technology Y’, we believe in getting the right people on board, giving them responsibility, and helping them to grow.

It's by getting to the edge of your comfort zone that you really find out what you are made of.

  • Personal qualities
    We pay attention to skills you can't always teach someone - such as integrity, common sense, empathy, being a fast learner, and having a good natured personality.

  • Hard work
    No one gets to the top without making significant effort. You must have good day-to-day working habits, and want to succeed without cutting corners.

  • Your potential
    You will take on responsibility for client projects from day 1, and thrive on learning new skills constantly.

Must have skills

This is a brand new role and an exciting opportunity to help shape our technology choices going forward.

We are technology agnostic, the overriding objective is to do more with less. We use lightweight, modern, and open source technology.

  • Rapid Prototyping
    This is often the quickest way to show clients that ‘you get what they want’.

  • End-to-end delivery

It's imperative that you can design, build, and deploy software on your own.

You will constantly be interacting with clients, delivering software to end users, as well as making technology decisions.

  • Customer driven, technology focused

The reason our clients enjoy doing business with us, is because we can help them in ways that no one (including a lot of smart people) have spotted. Your problem solving ability should command the respect of business executives, technologists, and above all... ordinary customers.

  • Hard worker, with ability to focus

You are highly receptive to feedback and ideas, however once priorities are clear you are quick to get going, and not easily distracted.

What we offer

A challenging job with responsibility from day 1 (interaction with clients, technology decisions, responsible for estimates and delivery), interesting end-to-end projects (designing, building and deploying bespoke software for major clients), rapid career progression.

Step 1: Application 

- submit a CV (below)
- tell us a bit about yourself 

Step 2: Paid work exercise

So that we can ensure good mutual fit, we will be inviting the best applicants to take part in a paid exercise (1 week deadline, with payment based on current income).

This exercise will be based on a piece of work that is a realistic representation of the kind of work we do at Day Digital.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Salary range £24,000 — 36,000

Dependent on potential and experience