This is an amazing opportunity for a strong C# backend engineer. Our backend is hosted on Azure, mostly written in C#, fully distributed environment and async from the ground up. You'll be responsible for growing the REST APIs that power our front-end and low-powered hardware, play a key role in our security architecture and much more.

Experience with R, Python and implementing ML models in production is a plus. BS in CS/EE required. MS preferred.

We are serial entrepreneurs that love building companies and tackling large problems. We thrive on unlocking market demand and have spent the last half year furiously and iteratively developing the value proposition for Biscuit. Now we're ready for an amazing backend engineer to take us to the next level. We have customers lined-up and a world-class hardware engineering and design team waiting for you. Our goal is nothing short of being a dominant global player in the consumer and commercial Connected Home (real-estate) industry.

Building is an AI-powered building sensing, control and micro-grid company.

Our north-star is to enable buildings to generate most of their power locally (via our micro-grid) and distribute & control is via our sensing/control product.

We have two products - a hardware unit which consolidates all major sensing equipment that goes in to a building. The second product is the SaaS & mobile (iOS) experience which services as the expert full-time always-on Facility Manager.

Salary range £70,000 — 108,000

BS in CS/EE required. MS preferred.