Backend Golang / Go Engineer


go golang grpc nocode London | Full-Time

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We’ve built a way to program without writing code. Not another one of those drag and drop web site builders, they’re everywhere. We’ve done something different, a system focused on backends, kind of like Go but no-code. Users are be able to create APIs and functions as a service as well as visually build amazing PDFs and other communications that you’d expect from a backend system.

We’ve got a working product but it hasn’t yet been released because there are a few more parts we want to add and get right. A significant portion of the development has been done and we need someone to come in, pick that up and build on it. That’s where you could come in.

We’re looking for an experienced and ambitious Golang developer to join us on this journey and be a part of our early team to help build our backend. You’ll need to be the type that is motivated by a challenge, able to code when a library or package isn’t available (you need to have great problem solving skills) and happy to build on the foundations laid by others. You’ll also need to be comfortable participating in the entire development lifecycle, from architecting to development to testing.

Our high-level tech stack is Go for our backend/core, speaking gRPC between services and gRPC-web to our web app UI which is written in Typescript and Vue. PostgreSQL, Bolt & minio cover storage.

We'll be starting to host our SaaS offering soon so you'll get to help us shape our cloud deployment which will be container based on one of the usual cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure etc).

We need a fluent English speaker, the role is fully remote (even post Covid) and you need to be UK based.

We're looking for someone to join as a permanent employee.

This is a complex project with lots of challenges to solve.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Architecting and developing backend functionality, underpinned by Protocol buffers.
  • Supervising technical aspects of the backend and participating in complex conception issues.
  • Working with the frontend team to achieve a seamless integration.
  • Improving the microservices architecture, readying for scaled deployment.
  • Developing and integrating defined chunks of no-code functionality.

Mandatory Skillset

  • 5 years+ commercial engineering experience
  • Strong Golang experience (at least two years)
  • Exposure to architectural patterns of large, high-scale web applications and micro-services
  • Ability to work in an organised manner with test coverage, and other best practices
  • Experience with relational, key/value and object store databases.
  • Experience implementing authentication and user security (OAuth2, OpenID, etc).
  • A good attitude to problem solving together.

How we Hire

Our recruitment process will work as follows:

  1. First of all, we’ll send you access to a pre-recorded demo of Comnoco. We think it’s sensible to give you an opportunity to see if the project is something you might be interested in before we interview you.
  2. If you are interested, we’ll arrange a first interview with our founder.
  3. The next phase will be an interview on a more technical level with our founder and a developer from the Comnoco team.
  4. Depending on your experience and how this goes, we may ask for you to complete a test task.
  5. After this stage we will either give you an offer or let you know why you haven’t been successful.

Strictly no recruiters, apologies in advance, we will not respond to any recruiters.

Salary range £40,000 — 70,000

Dependent on experience