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London | Full-Time

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We’ve come up with a way to establish trust between two strangers in the real world from anyone you meet online. A super disruptive identity management concept using the blockchain. It works through doors and walls with bluetooth — no facial recognition needed.

We’re a bit stealthy, not mentioning some of the exciting bits. Happy to share more in person. Looking for an additional founding partner who’s launched products or companies before. Someone who’s been around the block, knows the next steps, and can close deals. You’ve also got a network and the horsepower to help raise funds and build teams.

Background on me: Technical, CTO guy, Y-Combinator alum, serial entrepreneur from San Francisco, previously raised from Jason Calacanis, Hunter Walk, Esther Dyson, Naval Ravikant, and Shervin Pishevar.

Great to have a quick chat.