To launch a new city we need a collection of amazing homes and this role is part of a London based team hunting down the best hosts with the most beautiful homes in Rome, Milan, New York & LA. Once found, your job is to make these hosts insanely excited by the opportunity to join Plum.

There’s a light & a dark side to this role.

On one hand, it’s an unparalleled opportunity to become a start-up expert. You will learn how a start-up plans to open a city, executes, and builds digital products. You will learn sales skills that will serve you for life and how marketing is done properly. If you love it, there are permanent roles at the end of it.

On the other hand, we have ridiculously high standards and we’ve not launched 4 cities simultaneously before - things will get intense, and not everything will go to plan. You’ll need to be driven, motivated by a challenge and willing to get stuck-in to enjoy this ride.

Relevant qualities

This is our wish-list. If you were everything on it, we’d worry that you weren’t real!

  • You’re a great people person and engage in conversation easily

  • You’re good at reading people and flexing your style to suit

  • You love goals, numbers, and get a thrill from beating targets

  • You’re ridiculously well organized

  • You’re not scared of speaking your mind, taking and giving feedback

  • You’re super action-oriented and entrepreneurial

  • You believe that the ability to sell is a core life skill whoever you are

  • You have some sales experience

  • You have excellent spoken & written English

  • You have excellent spoken & written Italian (there are 3 of these roles, and 1 must have this)


  • Become a start-up expert

  • Make your mark by building something tangible in a matter of months

  • Learn skills that will serve you for life

  • Be a member of what we believe will be one of the most famous start-ups of the next 10 years

  • Work from a buzzing office on Hoxton Square

Salary range £18,000 — 20,000