• Full time/Start in April 2019
  • Mission led, values-driven business transforming mental health.

About us

Our vision is to put the world’s first mental health gym on the high street, but right now we’re putting Sanctus in the workplace. With people spending more time than ever at work and work having a huge impact on people’s mental health, we are incredibly passionate about mental health in the workplace and think the workplace can be a key space for working on mental health.

Sanctus currently works with businesses to provide Sanctus Coaching. It’s a safe, confidential, impartial space within a business for people to talk about whatever might be impacting their mental health.

The role

We’re looking for someone to provide operational and administrative support for our Sanctus Coaches. We currently have a cohort of 32 world-class coaches who are on the front line bringing support to our 800 Sanctus users a month, and we plan on doubling that over the next year.

This is an operations role, leading on internal support for our coaches. You’ll be working to create the systems and internal operations that keep our Sanctus coaches in good working practice and you’ll be leading in communicating changes and updates from the business. The core focus of your role will be managing the coaches’ challenges as we roll out new procedures and as the business naturally changes and grows, given our fast-paced environment. This role is all about facilitating our coaches doing what they do best — coaching.

We’re looking for someone to build a community and internal systems that allow our coaches to be supported, develop and ultimately, do their best work to offer a safe space for our Sanctus users in the workplace.

We’re not just looking for spreadsheets and neat tricks on zapier, there’s a community management element too. As the bridge between the coaches and the HQ team, you’ll be tasked with helping to build and nurture our coach community. Whether that’s organizing the book club, supporting internal training and skill sharing, or keeping the HQ team aware of the needs of our coaches.

You’ll ultimately be supporting our mission by helping our coaches do the best job they can. You’ll become the expert in what our coaches need to make Sanctus a great place for them to work and we’ll need you to make changes and feedback to HQ.

This role will initially be manually implementing processes. Our hope is that one day our tech system can take over a lot of this, but we need you to inform the first version. We see this role maturing into the liaison between the Sanctus Coaches and the HQ team ensuring that as we grow, Sanctus continues to provide a fulfilling and safe environment for coaches to work and develop their practice.

The right person for this role

Ideally, you’ll have worked supporting or managing some kind of ‘experts’ before — leading from the back to facilitate them doing whatever they’re experts in. Whether that’s university professors, graphic designers or even a band, you’ll be familiar with how the folks behind the scenes contribute to the public-facing part of a business by coordinating all the things in the background to enable them to do their best work smoothly. Even if that’s not your background, we want to see an understanding that despite not being in the limelight, this is a vital role in achieving our mission to make mental health more accessible to everybody.

We’re a start up, so naturally, we’re building systems from nada. You’ll have some experience of creating and implementing systems in a previous role and you’ll be familiar with the hiccups that can come up with managing business change with a diverse group of stakeholders.

You’ll be seasoned at keeping things running smoothly day-to-day and you’ll be a total natural at building relationships and bringing people together.

You’ll need to be a great listener, curious about what motivates people to do or ask for things in their particular way and keen to find constructive ways forward, as well as direct and assertive, and able to say no when necessary.

You’ll be flexible, patient, creative and love working out the puzzles of organizing our growing team. You’ll be proud to deliver a seamless experience for the coaches and know that all your efforts lend themselves towards a Sanctus user getting their much needed time with a coach

Naturally, you’ll be passionate about mental health. But we want to hear from you specifically on how you can help support our coaches, grow our business and that you’re enthusiastic about taking on this role in particular, not just working in mental health.


  • Managing the coaches supervision bookings — organizing groups, monitoring attendance, forward planning and logistics;
  • Implementing new tracking/record keeping procedures so our Head of Coaching has visibility on each of our coaches;
  • Onboarding and supporting new coach recruits — ensuring they have everything they need to get started, feel supported and are following best practice as they get settled;
  • Being our coaches and supervisors ‘go-to’ for any snags, glitches and general FAQs — you’re not going to be their PA but rather their point person to address any snags in the system;
  • Managing invoicing and payments for our coaches and supervisors;
  • Community management — running our coaches newsletter, events, trainings and socials. This will also extend to growing the Sanctus Coaching brand as the role matures;
  • Creating and maintaining internal communication documents and handbooks, updating policies and communicating changes to the team;
  • Recruitment — managing the new coaches pipeline, supporting the process for bringing on new supervisors and Head Coaches and working with the Partner Team to make informed decisions on when to focus on the coaching team’s expansion.

Life at Sanctus

Salary — £28k

● Currently we’re a full time team of 10.

● We have 32 coaches who are self-employed but feel very much a part of our team, so in total we’re 42 strong.

● Our home is in the Tea Building, Shoreditch but we’ll be moving late April to what is likely an East London location.

● We have a very open and receptive culture towards mental health and you might find us talking about the meaning of life or the use of psychedelics in therapy over lunch.

● We have our own Sanctus Coach that provides 1:1 coaching for our team, this is a space to talk about absolutely anything you want and it can be personal or professional. Nothing is ever fed back to Sanctus.

● We also run monthly Sanctus Groups where we reflect on our own mental health as a team — this is for our coaches and our HQ team.

● We have regular socials that don’t just mean drinking, but we do like to go to the pub too.

● Employees have 25 days holiday which they are encouraged to take.

● We have a flexible approach to set working hours and appointments in the day etc.

● As a business we are profitable and growing sustainably with no investor pressures, we’ve raised no institutional money and are very much in control of our own destiny.

How to Apply

Up for joining the team? Send us the below to [email protected]

A CV tailored to show us your relevant experience and suitability for the role

A video of no more than 2 minutes stating your relationship to Sanctus, your connection to mental health and why you’re the right person for the role — Please upload this to wetransfer and send the link in your application email

  • Give an example of a time when you implemented a new system/process — What did you learn? What went well and what could have improved?
  • What do you see as the key ingredients of a good community?
  • Tell us about a time you had to solve a complex problem and make a decision on how to move forward (bonus points if this included managing different parties’ needs)
  • What else should we know about you? Who are you outside of work?

Applications close Monday 11th March

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Salary range £28,000 — 28,000