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Who we are

Wine is the UK's most popular alcoholic drink – and yet knowledge is held by the 0.5%. Perceptions of elitism and snobbery are rife. When you do decide you want to get into wine, there's just so much to take in. And when you splash out, good wine is so often hit and miss.

We are here to end that.

Wine List is on a mission to empower wine lovers with thirst and knowledge. We help you learn in a simple, incremental and non-pretentious way. And we provide you access to interesting wines you won't ever find in the supermarket to discover while you learn.

Who you are

You'll get the power of incredible copy.

Great writing can change entire subjects for people. It's the difference between boring academia and igniting a spark in people for the first time. The difference between making people feel inferior and empowering them. Between barely enjoying a subject and wanting it to become everything you do.

The wine world is incredibly convoluted. Jargon is rife. Language is pretentious. And yet – this is all just fermented grape juice in a glass. We're not anti-expert – but we want to make learning about wine as engaging. Not for learning's sake, but because we know how much your enjoyment of wine can increase with a little bit of understanding.

In our mission to make that accessible, we need to make the language around it as clear as possible. We have already built a product on a reputation of clear, concise and engaging copy. Now it's time to double down on that with our first full-time copywriter.

You will be a copywriter first, and a wine lover second. No formal wine qualification is necessary – and if you have none, we will provide one as part of the role.

You will regularly use tools like Hemingway and Grammarly. You'll care about good reading levels. You'll lionise every choice of word. You'll have opinions on the Oxford Comma.

You'll also be fascinated by startups and what they can achieve. We're looking for someone who wants to disrupt the industry a bit and bring (some of it) into the 21st century.

What we're looking for in you

  • [ ] Incredible copywriter. Great copywriting is one of the hardest skills to have in any company. We're looking for a rare breed.
  • [ ] A love for psychology and understanding how people think. You need to be in the customers' shoes. And a love for psychology or behavioral science will be of huge benefit.
  • [ ] Love breaking down big subjects into understandable chunks. Wine is huge and can be complex. We want to make it as simple as possible.
  • [ ] Comfortable with a variety of styles. You'll be writing blogs, newsletters, lesson plans, scripts, adverts, social media updates, and more. As a result you'll need to be adept at both long and short form copy.
  • [ ] Self starter. We have a lot to do, but we're also a tiny, early stage team. So we need self starters who will come in and get going.
  • [ ] Startup experience preferable. Not necessary, but a good grasp of what working in startups is important for this role.
  • [ ] Working understanding of CMS and social media. We're a small team, which means you'll be responsible for the distribution of your words as well as for writing them.

What you'll get in return

  • Competitive salary plus generous stock options – depending on experience
  • 28 days holiday per year
  • Wine perks: access to tastings, education, and winemaker days where we learn to make wine
  • Office in Peckham, South London
  • Be part of the founding team – you could be employee number three in a fast-growing wine company.
  • A wine education if you haven't already had one.

How to apply

To apply head to -https://www.notion.so/thewinelist/Copywriter-ad94163c07d7444085c0f15d08085f5b

You will need to provide your CV or LinkedIn, three bulletpoints (no more than 250 words) on why you're right for the role, and one reason why you want the job.

This application requires writing a 300 word article after the phone screen. For the application, you will need to submit one relevant writing sample for the role.

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected].

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