We’re looking for a Technical Director to lead and grow our development team while building our MVP towards launch.


Podium is a user-moderated social network, solving the problems of abuse, misinformation, and toxicity online. To learn more about how we’re achieving this, visit our Design Blogs.

We’re a small startup based in Oxford, UK and – having just closed our first round of fundraising – we are seeking a diverse group of passionate, creative, socially conscious individuals to join our team.

Our aim is to launch a beta version of the platform mid-2021, with full launch in early 2022.

Our Current Stack

  • Front End – JS (React Native, Expo)

  • Back End – JS (Node), Rust

  • Support – Python (Modelling, Balancing)


As Podium grows, we need a dedicated leader for the development team. We’re building our prototype platform into a full MVP. You’ll be:

  • …driving this evolution – setting our stack, our processes, and our standards

  • …leading and growing a vibrant, diverse team

  • …a key voice in the company’s mission and operation

  • …helping us make a meaningful, positive difference in the world

We need…

  • A Full Stack Developer

We’re a small team and there’s a variety of work to go around. We need someone who can work on every aspect of the project.

  • 4+ Years leading a Technical Team

Start-up success depends on the leadership team. We need someone with a clear understanding of their leadership style so we can decide how to best work together.

  • 2+ apps on all major platforms at all stages of development

From conception to launch to live ops; on iOS, Android, and web. Each has different priorities and challenges – we need comprehensive familiarity.

  • Experience designing/building APIs

  • Experience designing/building Dev Ops processes

  • Someone deeply committed to diversity, equality, and social justice

If you don’t think Black Lives Matter, don’t believe #MeToo, or don’t know that Trans Rights are Human Rights – this isn’t the job for you.

We’d like…

  • An avid user of social media, despite its flaws

Understanding the problems is the first step to solving them. We’re looking for someone with the familiarity to see what needs fixing and what needs preserving.

  • An activist mindset

We’re not just a team, but the inaugural government for a democratic platform. We’re looking for passion that extends beyond the software to the positive change it can make in the world.

  • Experienced with decentralized technologies and/or cryptography

DLT delivers the transparency and accountability required to make Podium truly democratic. We’re looking for someone excited by its potential, yet aware of its perils.

  • Experience working in start-ups

A small, dedicated team is very different to a big studio. We’ll happily accommodate those who need to adjust, but – ideally – we’re looking for someone who can hit the ground running.

  • A UX enthusiast

We pride ourselves in creating apps that are a joy to use. We hope you do too.

  • A pragmatic approach

There are times that call for rapid, disposable code and those that call for efficient, long-term code. We’re looking for someone comfortable with both and who knows when each is needed.

We offer…

  • ~3% Equity

Vesting over 3 years. For the right candidate, this is open to broad negotiation.

  • Annual Salary £40k+ (negotiable)

This is the same as the rest of the leadership team. As the company grows, so will this figure.

  • Milestone Bonuses

We value you more than the salary we can afford at this early stage. We’re committed to making up the difference as our success allows.

  • Relocation Assistance

We don’t expect anyone to relocate in the midst of a pandemic but, long term (or sooner, if you choose) we can provide some modest financial support to help you move to the Oxford area.

  • A Supportive Environment

We want our employees to thrive both as individuals and as a team. Your wider life and wellbeing are no less important to us than the project.


We’re not looking for great CV writers or great interviewees - we’re looking for the best candidates. If there’s a process you feel would better allow you to demonstrate your candidacy for this role, just let us know.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can reach us via our website or social channels (also listed on the website).

Salary range £40,000 — 40,000

Flat salary structure while in start-up phase