London, Chelsea

Retvas is an innovative young start-up looking to change the way digital scans of the back of the eye are used to measure wellness, and detect signs of disease. The team has spun-out the technology from Imperial College and UCL research into cloud-platform software that can take images from your optician or doctor and immediately analyse your cardiovascular health, and development issues in young babies that can save their sight. There is an opportunity to change this field with robust, repeatable and accurate image analytics.

We are now looking for a CTO, either full-time or 2-3 days per week, with a few successful projects and/or startups under your belt and with a good blend of technical leadership, an eye for the product-market fit and inspiring the team towards a highly-performing culture.

The Retvas image analysis algorithms currently use advanced engineered features and domain-based logic to produce a variety of measurements and we will be looking to the CTO to build on the current Deep Learning efforts to put in place an R&D programme to produce a world-class solution. The technology stack is heavily C++ and php oriented at the moment and the CTO will play a large role in determining the next iteration, be it python, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch, Café, etc.

In particular, we are looking for the following:
1/ Technical leadership, having led technical teams or projects to successful outcomes, and the ability to create roadmaps for the image analytics and engineering
2/ A good idea about product-market fit, helping the business to estimate cost of development, time needed and future skills needed.
3/ Knowledge and familiarity with medical image processing (in particular retinal imaging) and deploying solutions in a scientific or healthcare setting
4/ Great knowledge of AI/machine learning, in particular Deep Learning, and the current DL/ML frameworks
4/ Software development methodologies appropriate for all stages of a startup, from early development to scaling out, e.g. Scrum, Scrumban, etc., and putting in place QA processes
5/ Excellent coaching and mentoring skills to take a young team to the best they can be

The package for the right candidate will be a negotiated mixture of salary/day-rate and equity.

Salary range £50,000 — 60,000

Negotiable dependent on experience, equity also negotiable