The role in a second

Looking for an experienced python/django developer to, short term, support Chris and myself (Max) in our coding journey to develop software for our already successful social media and marketing agency. Long term, to hopefully come on fully as a partner in the business and CTO and help develop ‘The Founder’s Ecosystem’, a stand alone SaaS tool that I believe has huge potential!

Job specifications

Title: CTO

Location: Digitally nomadic (UK South East / London preference)

Time required: Looking at freelance hours or part time starting point moving towards a more full time role with a share package to give longer term ownership of business and the idea.

Salary: Depends heavily on applicant but some form of monthly retainer or hourly rate to start with is most likely.

The story

Snowball Creations is currently a marketing, sales and social media agency. We offer a range of services like content & competitions management, influencer marketing, paid social media marketing on FB & Insta, Linkedin Lead Generation and a simple website development service using site builders to get businesses up and live and selling quickly.

These services are very successful and the business has recovered extremely quickly since an initial covid drop off and is now flying upwards in revenue off the back of many new businesses opening up! We went from £6k monthly revenue at the end of Q2 to £11k by the end of Q4. This is speeding up rather than slowing down so the business we’re hoping should achieve a rate of revenue p/m of £20,833 by the end of 2020. This would get us to £250k annual turnover rate!! 🤯 🥳

That’s our ‘do it for you’ side of the business that’s flourishing.

Myself and Chris have also been obsessively learning to code since February and made great progress launching an internal client system and finishing up a new public site with python/django/tailwindcss as the stack. We’re also currently improving on our vanilla JS and about to start VueJS 3.

Where do you fit in?

We’re learning to code in order to start to build out our own software. We’re extremely good at using others software and selling it and delivering exceptional results better than the norm as we’re very good at sales and marketing. But we’re limited as we’re dependent on others to produce it. This will include projects like our own CRM system initially and other software to make our agency smarter.

So we’re looking for a new CTO to come on board to help support us in this learning process initially.

Then the bigger picture is one idea for a SaaS piece of software to be the other side to our business (The DIY side to sales and marketing for your business). This i’ve named ‘The Founder's Ecosystem’!

The Founder’s Ecosystem

The Founder’s Ecosystem will be the first standalone tool that we’re looking to build and sell with a SaaS business model. It’s a grand idea that I think has the potential to really scale to something that changes the world. I do think it’s a new angle as i’ve personally tried to find a tool like it for myself and can’t. Though closest similar options are tools like Trello/

In short, it will be an ‘ecosystem’ that founders of startups can use in their daily work life in order to organise their workflow and week, manage their sales and marketing flows and have a clear and crisp data driven view of their business. It will incorporate a trello like weekly planning system at its core. Then outside of that it will give simplified apps connected in that are the basic toolkit that any founder needs.

Needs it satisfies

  • People with ideas for businesses often suck at business/sales/marketing.

  • Structure is often something that people fail at the most when leaving corporate jobs and starting their own business.

  • The workplace already was becoming digitally nomadic with teams working remotely which has been sped up by Covid. This new way of working needs a new structure beyond slack and a list board in order to manage a company.

  • Many tools like CRM’s/Social media scheduling/week planning are left totally wide open for people to do as they like. However focusing in on startup founder’s means we can build in far greater specificity. CRM’s are bloated with unnecessary big business functionality, hashtag apps let you stick a load of hashtags in a box but don’t guide you what’s the actual right way to do them etc.

So ultimately with the Founder’s Ecosystem, we’ll dramatically improve the odds of a new business idea actually being executed on effectively and achieving that creative person's vision.

What we are looking for in you

  • Extremely ambitious and excited at the thought of building out an idea that can make a serious impact on the world! Leave a mark on the world.

  • You’re highly driven with an execution focus and a strong sense of urgency.

  • Workaholic and proud.

  • An enthusiastic and patient teacher who’s able to support myself (Max) and Chris in our coding journey.

Essential hard skills and experience required

  • Good standard of written and spoken English.

  • Senior standard+ experience level with Python

  • Senior standard+ experience level with Django

  • Some experience with Javascript and other front end languages.

Bonus points

  • Worked on Saas businesses.

  • Experience with VueJS

  • Worked with startups before.

  • Experience of social media marketing.