The Role: CTO

We Are The News (WATN) is a new news based social media platform, bringing together and connecting people with opposing and/or similar views for the purpose of debate.

Users can also share real life news footage and report how the news has affected them personally. Thereby, offering clearly differentiated objective and subjective viewpoints.

We are looking for a talented CTO and possible Co-founder to join our team, with a view to launch our MVP within 6 months. You will be crucial in helping us build and scale the platform.

Our CTO will receive a significant portion of equity and will play a significant role in the development and success of this exciting, innovative start up.

Required Skills and Experience:

· 5+ years work experience in web development – web app/software project management

· Experience in writing code and how to scale

· Strong knowledge and experience of social media

· Strong knowledge of system architecture and security

· Connected to the Tech scene, up to date with latest digital and tech trends

· Experienced in translating business requirements into technical solutions

· Experienced in leading and managing teams to deliver apps/web platforms from inception to completion

· Strong communication skills

· A passion for and focus on the UX throughout build and adaptability in relation to user feedback

Desired Skills and Experience:

· Start-up or product launch experience

· A keen interest in the news and current affairs

· Master’s degree / PhD

Contact us:

Please contact us with your CV attached.

Please also provide a portfolio or examples of projects you have worked on.

References, testimonials, white papers, blog posts or any other information you feel may be relevant would also be welcome.

After screening applications, successful candidates will be asked to sign an NDA. Once this is received, we will schedule an interview.

If you have any questions, please do hesitate to contact us.