EcoBike is a new, innovative bike-sharing company. We use an app to streamline the process as well as providing an excellent user-experience. We, as the name suggests, are passionate about bikes and the environment. 

We have gotten rid of the cumbersome docking stations used throughout the UK and Europe, and replaced them with GPS / Bluetooth connected Smart Locks that work with our app. We are building partnerships with universities around the UK to provide affordable, convenient and environmentally friendly cycling for the staff and students.

We're looking for a CTO / Fullstack developer to join our team as a co-founder. We're a lean team, with high aspirations. We have received a lot of interest and it's now time that we found a talented and passionate individual to drive the tech side of the company.

Requirements :

1. Fullstack development experience working on and/or managing a number of projects -  (3-5yrs min)

2. Coding experience with apps - iOS is preferred but Android is a bonus.

3. Not afraid to get yourhands dirty - this is a startup, so coding and practical work as well as management of a development team is expected.

4. You will be managing a remote dev team that we're working with in Bulgaria - coordination via Skype / Slack between the Dev team and EcoBike is key. 

5. Happy to work remotely for a period of time, until an office is set up in London (early Summer), of which you'd be expected to work there with the team.

6. As a co-founder, you'll be offered equity as well as a very competitive salary within the next 3-6 months.

7. Passionate about cycling, the environment and startups is a plus!  

Any questions - please do ask!