About The Company

HireMaestro empowers hiring managers to create, manage and improve employee referral programs.

Our easy-to-use platform enables employees to share personal referral links with their network to help find candidates, track the progress of applications and get rewarded for interviews or hires. Team members can also approve contacts outside of the business to become trusted referrers for current and future roles. There are no upfront costs, so you maintain full control of your budget for rewards and only pay for successful referrals!

Originally the business was a traditional recruitment agency but has now pivoted to a SaaS tool to help companies take advantage of candidate referrals in a simple and effective way. The current Founder and CEO has 7+ years of experience in software sales and recruitment within the startup space in London, so will look after the commercial side of the business.

About The Role

As Co-Founder & CTO, you will lead in helping to build out the MVP further and deploy new features that have been recommended by prospects who have been testing the platform and providing feedback. You'll also be expected to provide your own ideas on how we can improve the product moving forward to meet customer needs and grow revenues through the product.

The company is currently pre-seed, pre-revenue and in the middle of developing the MVP, so you will be paid generously in equity and post investment round you can expect to earn a high salary bracket as CTO.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to be part of a business from the start and help build it from the ground up. The goal is to disupt the archaic industry of recruitment and bring value to hiring managers and business owners.

- Open to learning new languages
- Ruby on rails (Important)
- Javascript
- Mongo DB
- Experience with handling large data sets & AWS management
- Interest/experience with machine learning & AI

I know I haven't given much away about the business! If we come to talk I'll be able to answer any questions you have and also take you through a demo of the platform that's been built so far.

Look forward to hearing from you!