CTO/VP-eng to join as a partner


javascript html polymer London or Paris

wOndary is a planning tool allowing independent travellers to organize their upcoming trips with friends, search for itineraries suggestions from fellow travellers, and save good stuff and travel plans all in the same place. wOndary aims to become travellers’ choice when it comes to their Trips by building a full Travel Tech platform (with AI and Machine Learning playing a big role in the next phases of development).

The CTO/VP-eng would be to join as a partner (freelance ok to begin with) and could be co-founder depending on profile and timing of joining.

The immediate next steps for wOndary are:

- the launch of the public Beta (by end April, once a few tweaks are implemented to reflect the testers’ feedback)

- the launch of a funding round on that basis

There is currently a private Alpha version (60 testers) built on Firebase... awaiting to get publicly launched on the main site when the Beta is ready.

It is a Progressive Web App (with responsive design) built using Polymer. That Alpha version has been developed following interviews, survey, a prototype and an MVP.

wOndary is looking for someone with a strong fit (responsibility, shared vision), who will not only have the technical capability but also the will to define the growth of the company. You will be driving the development and will make crucial business decisions.

Being dynamic and open-minded, you will challenge the ideas of the team and bring your own views.

Ideally based in London or in France, but if you’re very keen and further away: do get in touch and happy to consider options!

Reach out if you have any question!

Looking forward to hearing about you