Customer Success Manager


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About Applied

Applied is a hiring platform created to help organisations radically rethink how they select talent, so the best person gets the job every time, irrespective of their background. We’re the first spin-out of the Behavioural Insights Team, and we’re passionate about using behavioural and data science to make exceptional products that scale, commercially and socially.

We’ve closed our second round of seed investment raise and more than 130,000 candidates have applied through our platform (compared to 3,629 applicants in January 2017!). Every month we are onboarding exceptional new customers, ranging from large enterprises to non-profit organisations, and entrepreneurial startups.

All of these achievements rely on a team that truly stands for what we believe in: talent from diverse backgrounds who are impatient to deliver and keen to get stuck in – full of ideas and an ability to inspire and support the growth of others around them. A team who thrives on learning, empathy and grit.

The day-to-day job of the customer success manager

You'll be a key member of the team responsible for driving the customer success and experience functions across Applied. At this stage of the business, your day-to-day job would involve moving from one-to-one interactions with customers, solving their needs and encouraging them to get the best from what we offer, to thinking of ways to improve and systematise customer experience. You'll also provide vital input on product strategy by distilling the needs of the customer and communicating them across the team.

Your day-to-day job would include:

  • Customer support. No matter how well we design our product, there will always be questions from users and candidates. Part of the day-to-day will be responding empathetically to support tickets while also looking to diagnose and solve the root causes of these issues. We share this task across the customer success team and the broader organisation.

  • Account management and onboarding. Some large customers require more personalised attention. In other cases we are onboarding customers from new industries, so even if they are small we need to take care of them and learn about their experience. Either way, you’ll be a big part of getting our customers to that first ‘moment of joy’ as quickly as possible.

  • Troubleshooting. Sometimes customers report issues they're experiencing and it's not immediately clear where the problem lies or how it happened! You will communicate with the customer to try and recreate the issue, and support our tech team in resolving missed use cases and bugs.

  • Providing customer feedback to the product team. You'll be a key link between customers and our product team, so you'll spend a lot of time communicating in both directions and triaging. You’ll be involved in the prioritisation of product features and represent the voice of the customer.

  • Support + engagement strategy and process creation. Scalability and consistency are key to Applied’s continued growth, so continuously improving and testing new processes is critical. You’ll take your learnings from customer interactions to revamp, improve or even completely overhaul our strategy and processes.

Salary range £30,000 — 35,000