Hack Partners is looking for a detail-oriented data report writer and researcher.

About Hack Partners

Hack Partners is an innovation consultancy specialising in disrupting heavily-regulated and technologically-underdeveloped industries. We currently work in the rail sector under the HackTrain brand, delivering breakthrough-level innovation via hackathons, accelerator programmes and technology services. The company’s core vision is to improve customer experience and operational efficiency in overlooked but important industries.

Our clients include six of the biggest transport owning groups in the UK as well as public bodies such as the Department for Transport. We’re also actively supported by the likes of EY, Osborne Clarke and BAE Systems.

We are increasingly becoming the top choice within the transport industry for breakthrough level innovation via the HackTrain hackathon, management/technology consultancy services and our “T.R.I.A.L.” framework - which is a world’s first. In order to scale and make an impact worldwide we need a world-class team to help us make a difference in this fast-growing but slow moving industry. Together we can drive massive change within the transport industry that will see it becoming more efficient and pleasant to use for everyone.

Our latest piece of work, the B.A.R.R.I.E.R.S. Report was received extremely well by the transport sector cementing us as thought leaders for innovation in rail. The report garnered positive coverage from several top rail media sites and was supported by some of the industry’s most influential leaders.

Your role will be produce our second report at Hack Partners focusing on data in rail whilst also providing some consultancy services to the industry, effectively driving growth in the business as we take a new approach to improving the railways.

About Data Report Writing for Hack Partners

Your role at Hack Partners will involve working with clients in the rail and infrastructure industries to augment their uses of data. You will write structured reports with recommendations for clients and the industry as a whole.

You will write The Data in Rail Report. A report that will be released across the industry to educate all on how it could improve its use of data. You will help push forward the industry’s usage of data and therefore technology and innovation. You will work across the industry and with our partners, such as The Department for Transport, HS2 and Network Rail.

If you're looking for a role to augment and improve the use of industry data and utilise your writing skills in a commercial environment then this job will be ideal for you.

Job Description:

  • Design a data audit report process that will capture data technical formats, who in the organisation is responsible for the data, how the data is stored in the organisation and what the data is currently being used for;

  • Design a data specification for clients to ensure future data sources have an imposed specification format for data that is produced to be transmitted in, are readily accessible and are able to be used in conjunction with other sources;

  • You will write a report reviewing the client’s legacy systems for managing engineering changes and reporting safety incidents in order to improve data accessibility. You will write a report for the client’s product management team detailing the organisation’s current processes for managing and promote internal innovation and providing proposals to improve innovation management and promotion;

  • Meet with industry professionals to gather information and work collaboratively on the Data in Rail report;

  • Eventually manage and lead the data report team as the organisation grows.

Skills and Experience:


  • You have an excellent attention to detail;

  • You thrive producing high-quality content writing;

  • You have the ability to work autonomously in a rapidly changing environment;

  • You solve problems intuitively, without the need for much guidance. You are a proactive individual;

  • You have a good ability to build and maintain relationships;

  • You are able to manage multiple tasks and deadlines.


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher;

  • 2+ years work experience;

  • Experience in a startup, early-stage investment or technology context;

  • Strong understanding of and passion for technology.

Key Questions for Candidate

  • What experiences do you have of extensive research and/or industry-wide report writing where you have had to assess large amounts of information?

  • What experiences do you have with understanding an organisation’s data needs and uses and helping them augment their processes and procedures to improve innovation?

What do you get?

  • The opportunity to fundamentally change and improve the transport industry;

  • Access to the Hack Partners network of leading developers, designers and corporates – ideal for someone with ambitions to launch a company of their own in the future;

  • The opportunity to engage with and work alongside our young innovators, key stakeholders in the transport industry and RailTech startups;

  • Above market-rate salary, based on experience.

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Salary range £35,000 — 45,000

Dependent on experience and fit