A little background information on Pirate Studios:

We launched in July, two years ago as the UK’s first self-service music rehearsal studios. Since then the business has grown into 12 buildings across the UK and is expanding into the US and parts of Europe this year.

All of our business is driven through our online booking system; however, we’re also working on enhancing our customer’s experience by integrating more technology into our studios. At Pirate Studios our artists, bands, DJ’s and producers can rehearse 24hrs a day, save their recorded sessions in the cloud, edit, download then share their songs and perform live streams to their fans across the globe.

About the Job

  • 3 month, paid part-time internship
  • 3 days a week
  • Opportunity to become a full-time permanent role

We’re looking for an enthusiastic digital designer who is willing to learn new things, throw around ideas, and work as part of our design team on various projects. We are working on redesigning and rebuilding our entire site, as well as creating new and exciting systems that operate across multiple platforms such as web, mobile applications and integrated systems inside our studios.

We’re looking for someone to work in our London office in Dalston, however you may find yourself doing R&D and testing on-site, or working alongside a large team of people who design and build the studios.

We’re always looking to make our customers experience better, so everyone’s opinion is welcome and you can get stuck in with a variety of different projects straight away.

What we’re looking for:

  • Someone who works well within teams
  • Has a firm understanding of responsive and cross platform design
  • Understands the principles of UX design, and the ability to apply them
  • Follows the mobile first philosophy
  • Experience using layout grids and know what column, row, gutter, baseline, block and offset are
  • Knowledge of device sizes and their pixel density
  • Know how to create style guides and UI kits
  • Good communication and personal skills
  • Comfortable collaborating with developers and taking feedback
  • Creativity is encouraged, we love sharing ideas
  • Enthusiastic about digital design, learning new skills

Types of projects candidates can expect to work on:


    • Email/newsletters
    • Product & landing pages/web content
    • Animation
    • Asset creation
    • Logo and Icon design/development
    • Presentations/Corporate communications
    • Advertising/banners


    • Live Broadcast – UI/assets
    • Video production


    • Print/clothing/collateral

Other (usually a mix of above)

    • PR production
    • Viral/social media
    • Brand & creative stewardship/site
    • Partnership interaction

Desirable skills/interests:

  • Adobe Suite (PSD, AI, ID, AE/PR, Video Encoding)
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript (basic understanding)
  • Editorial voice/style (basic understanding)
  • Print/Press prep & technique
  • Video production/animation (basic understanding)
  • Appreciation for music and music culture
  • Asset/archive management
  • Strategy (user-centric) (basic understanding)
  • QA support (pre & post launch of both tech & campaign assets)
  • Wire-framing/Information architecture


As a music start-up we obviously have a lot of staff who are excited about music, performance, or production. It’s not a requirement but if that’s your sorta thing then you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people sharing and collaborating.


Send us your details and any questions. Give us an outline of who you are, what you do, what you enjoy, and any examples of your work.

We look forward to hearing from you!