Digital Marketing Manager


London | Full-Time

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Two-wheeled transport is set to play a huge role in the future of our cities as well as a leisure activity and we’re building a brand that improves the experience of those who already get around on two wheels, and inspire those who don’t...yet. Our state of the art navigation technology is now five years in the market, a popular accessory for cycling and motorcycling, getting smarter all the time. Check our website to see how it works.

We are looking for a digital marketing manager who is passionate to drive growth and brand value for our business. This role will predominantly focus on three areas:

  1. Paid digital advertising - building and refining our ad campaigns through Facebook and Google, in a constant rhythm of testing and learning
  2. Organic social media - shaping our strategy to engage with the world and make our brand sing on social media
  3. Brand partnerships and influencers - connecting online with other brands or influencers to build mutually beneficial alliances and collaborations

We want you to make this role your own… think we should implement a social media tool? Let’s do it. Think we need to take a different tack on our paid advertising? Think we need a bigger or smaller budget? Convince us it’s better and we’ll go for it.

At Beeline we’re committed to diversity and inclusion. Not only because it’s right and fair but because bringing together people from all walks of life adds richness that helps us be better in every way. So no matter your background, who you are or how you identify, we’ll make sure you feel at home here.

We’re a very close-knit team, with everyone owning their different responsibilities. People very quickly find that they become an important part of our Beeline “family”; we’d love for you to be part of that too! We’re proud of our culture and we dedicate a lot of time and energy to protecting that. We do regular socials, an annual retreat, and generally try to have a great time doing our thing every day. Everyone takes their work seriously, but nobody takes themselves too seriously. That’s how we like to do things.

We’ve adapted very well to working remotely and are in the process of working out what our “new normal” looks like. Expect it to be the best of both the flexibility to work from home and the benefits of being able to spend quality time together too.

Salary range £30,000 — 50,000

Dependent on experience