I am looking for an all-rounder in marketing who has the confidence to manage multiple projects, learn quickly and love working with inspiring people and companies.

You love digital marketing and you are familiar with marketing across multiple channels and types including: social, advertising, email, SEO, conversion rate optimisation, website & marketing audits, strategy & tactics.

Let me repeat. You are familiar with marketing across multiple channels and types. Not all listed above but most.

You can do/use the following or can learn very quickly:

- Build email marketing campaigns via MailChimp or similar

- Copywriting for social

- Social scheduling

- Create ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat etc

- Familiar with AdWords, keyword research and strategy

- SEO - both technical and content

- Blogging

- Content marketing

- Conversion rate optimisation

- Growth hacking tools & techniques

- Google analytics

- Creating reports that are insightful and have tangible next steps

- A/B testing

- Marketing automation

- Slack, Asana, Trello, SEMrush etc

- Creative skills a bonus

You will be working alongside a team of marketing and creative professionals based in London & Leeds, with over 40 years of combined experience coming from the likes of Apple, Universal Music, MTV, BBC, Live Nation and Ticketmaster - joining a collective who are disrupting the way marketing and creative is serviced.

You will be working on music projects, TV projects, mobile app projects, experiential projects both b2b and b2c.

Mostly Flexible working, wherever the wind takes us - we have a base in White City, don't use it much, don't really believe in being trapped indoors all day. We believe in people and skills so there are no "contracted" hours, only KPIs. We believe in creating a culture of performance and trust, you do the work to get the job done, no politics, no corporate bullshittery - just great people, great work and a great balance.

We'll kick off with on a 6-month contract agreement.

When applying let me know from the skillets above what your great at, good at and need to learn.

Salary range £28,000 — 36,000

3+ years experience