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What we do:

Yuca (http://yuca.co) is an e-commerce product company founded in 2015. We design products, manufacture them in China, and sell on the Amazon.com marketplace.

Our business focuses on developing and producing everyday products: from kitchenware to furniture. We sell primarily on Amazon.com in the US market. Our goals for 2021 include: launching 5+ new products, bringing out annual revenue to over $2m, streamlining processes, and growing more of our internal tools to become available to other Amazon sellers.

Who we are:

We’re a small, fast-moving team with a totally open and flat organizational structure. The position will be fully remote, with a requirement to be trained in Edinburgh during the first 3-months. After which, you’ll generally welcome to work where and when you wish. We’re a remote team with 3 developers who build and develop internal tools, as well as a customer service representative.

We’re now looking for our 1st UK hire to join the team, helping us keep on top of a number of key operational tasks and also take a keen interest in growing the business.

We try to avoid lots of meetings and email. But we’re obsessed with using Asana for all task and project management. We love to keep things organised and have built our own wiki to document projects.

Our founder has been involved in online businesses since 2001 and we’re a profitable business that has been operating since 2015.

What you’ll be doing:

You will be working for a small company with a multi-million dollar turnover. This means you have an amazing chance for a broad scope of work and to make an impact. Given your proximity to many aspects of the business, you’ll get to understand how real businesses grow and make money. It will be fast paced & exciting given the massive growth of E-commerce & SaaS huge due to the unfortunate rise of COVID-19.

Below are a number of areas you will be involved in:

  1. Project management - Leading the work of the team to achieve goals
  2. Operations - Work on getting things more organised, making SOPs etc
  3. Product Development - Market research, survey design, branding, economic viability studies
  4. Customer service - For our Amazon sales or SasS products
  5. Technology - Able to code or manage software development
  6. Creative - Graphic design, photography etc
  7. Copywriting - On products, Amazon listings or SaaS products
  8. Marketing - Social media, email, pay per click, affiliates, content
  9. UI/UX - Measure usage/metrics (design methodology, make goals etc) or submit feature/UX suggestions

What we're looking for:

  • Experience and/or capability in at least 3 of the 9 areas stated above
  • A keen interest in online businesses and e-commerce
  • Uncanny problem-solving skills in finding creative solutions to hurdles that get in our way.
  • Naturally proactive and not timid in providing suggestions and reporting issues.
  • Possess a strong desire to create outstanding work.
  • Self-motivated to work remotely, without supervision.
  • A fever for attention to detail and keeping things organised.
  • Superb written English language skills.

What’s in it for you:

  • Duration: Full-time, but open to 6+ month internships.
  • Salary: Upto £25k/year, depending on experience.
  • Hours: Full-time (160-hours per month)
  • Paid holiday: 20 days (pro-rata)
  • Bonus: Bonuses on objectives met
  • Start date: March 2021

Other benefits:

  • High flexibility – you’re free to work where and when you please. A clear focus on results and accomplished tasks.
  • Performance review every month to review progress, and set goals.
  • A budget is made available for attending training/courses/events and other items that support further professional development.
  • In-person meet-ups (COVID-dependant!) with travel, accommodation and other costs covered by the company.
  • Reimbursement of tech equipment, such as an external monitor, to help you be effective. Monthly book stipend

Salary range £18,000 — 25,000

Dependant on experience and skills