Director of Engineering, 3co (Techstars London 2018)

About 3co

3co inspires people to imagine and create paradises, through augmented reality and artificial intelligence on natural and built environments. 3co is in the business of making urban ecosystems more beautiful by rendering 3D scans of jungles, gardens, furnishings and architectures that can be customized and ordered in real-time. 3co was started by U.S. tech entrepreneurs in the Let It Grow horticultural incubation programme in Amsterdam, sponsored by 4,000 growers in the Netherlands who export billions of plants annually. See 3co.ai/team for a short video introduction. 3co will participate in Techstars London 2018 between July 15 through October 15.

About the Engineer

3co seeks an entrepreneurial engineer who is extremely passionate and effective at inventing technology that deeply improves the lives of people. The engineer should have outstanding experience and insights into prototyping and optimizing hardware-intensive computational systems, which serve important applications.

Skills to Master with 3co:

  • 3D scanning and graphics for augmented reality

  • Hardware and software for robotic systems

  • Mathematics, statistics, physics, and computing for artificial intelligence

  • Intelligent systems for horticulture, architecture, and design of ecosystems

Logistical & Life Details

Ideally, the engineer will be based in Amsterdam or London, or is willing to come for at least most of the Techstars summer program. 3co is in the unique position of being founded by Americans in the Netherlands while starting operations in the U.K., and with a trajectory for further global growth. There are no hard filters on the current location of the engineer, and in the long-term there is global flexibility.

The Team

The director of engineering will join 3co’s technical co-founders, Lance Legel (CTO) with a bachelors in physics and masters thesis on distributed deep learning, and Steve Jenkins (CEO) a software and product developer with a successful exit from a fintech startup. Together, 3co will engineer intelligent systems that dramatically improves how people reimagine and reshape the world around them.


In addition to a salary, we will grant equity in a fast growing, funded startup at the intersection of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce for the natural and built environments. Join 3co this summer to participate in Techstars London, hack in London and Amsterdam, and engineer the next generation of technologies for optimizing how the physical world around us is reimagined and redeveloped.

Apply: [email protected] and [email protected].