We’re looking for empathetic, technical managers to support and coach our engineers.

At Monzo we aim to build the best current account in the world. We are looking for engineering managers to join us and help us grow into a world-class engineering organisation both technically and interpersonally.

We work in interdisciplinary teams arranged around a mission, with clear responsibilities and objectives, and the right people in the team to independently ship from their own roadmap. This means you’ll manage engineers who may be in different teams and with different priorities.

We care deeply about building an inclusive and diverse culture in which everyone can succeed. Our engineers have a variety of different backgrounds: we have several non-graduates; only a few of us studied Computer Science; one of the team has a degree in Marketing; some of us have worked in huge companies; some have only ever worked in startups; others are former consultants.

Your focus will be on helping each of them with their personal and professional development, listening, guiding them through hard times and celebrating their successes.

You’ll spend your time:

  • conducting regular 1:1s with every person you manage to give and receive feedback
  • coaching, mentoring, and developing high performing engineers
  • helping individuals determine the best way to reach their professional goals
  • managing performance and providing useful, timely feedback
  • guiding engineers to the right training courses, conferences, and potential stretch projects
  • helping with productivity or communication issues
  • interviewing and supporting hiring new engineers
  • contributing to management best practices: helping us become an exceptional place to work for the ambitious, highly motivated people that we hire

We encourage an open and transparent working environment. You can get involved in any aspect of the business you are interested in and, following Stripe’s example, all emails in the company are visible in an email archive. We regularly run hackathons in which people build things on our third party API and we contribute to open source software as much as possible. We’ve also made our product roadmap public and give sneak peeks of features in our community forum.

If you’re unsure about applying or have any questions about the role or team, please don’t hesitate to email Ella from our hiring team on [email protected] :) We're very open about what we do in general, so our blog is a good place to learn more about what we do.

You should apply if:

  • you would like to help Monzo build a world-class engineering organisation. Not just from a technical perspective but also from an interpersonal perspective
  • you have experience managing high-performing engineers
  • you have an empathetic leadership style and you build strong, effective relationships
  • you care deeply about helping others achieve their goals, avoid burnout, and become the best engineer they can be

Teams and Managers at Monzo

Monzo is growing very quickly. We've doubled our headcount over the past 10 months and expect to keep growing at approximately that rate. Our current hypothesis is that the best way to stay productive during this growth is to create small, interdisciplinary teams, that are able to independently achieve their objectives and ship things from their own roadmap.

We prefer people to be managed by someone from their own functional background, which often means someone in a different team. We believe that the skills needed to be a phenomenal people-manager are not the same as the skills of a great team lead: we’ve disaggregated people-management and team coordination activities into two separate roles (“team lead”, which is typically a technical product owner in very technical teams, and “manager”, which is this role).

At Monzo

We’re keen to ensure we’re designing a bank that works for everyone, so we particularly encourage applications from different underrepresented demographics.