Craftship is a community of only industry experienced full-stack engineers. That said we are humble, curious and always tenacious. We really care about what we deliver and more importantly how people use the projects we deliver as a team. We are autonomous, trusted and dependable.

Every team member is on the same day rate, equality for everyone, we believe teams deliver products, not individuals. Additional to that we have an open salary policy internally which makes everything more relaxed and transparent.

We work on small to large technically complex projects that often include being part of a larger team delivering digital transformation in the enterprise. We believe we re-energize the enterprise and challenge the norm with modern tech and pragmatic solutions.


The project team we are looking to expand is working with a large digital transformation project. It consists of applications that empower people every day, it is for one of the largest supermarkets in the UK.

You will be part of a team delivering web-based applications that help manage time, schedules and company benefits for their staff.  We are not only building applications but ensuring we use best practices and create reusable libraries where appropriate.

The tech that we currently use a within the plethora of the projects we are delivering include and are certainly not limited to (opinions welcome!)

  • Node.js

  • React.js & Redux

  • SASS / CSS

  • Jest

  • Test Cafe

  • React Native

  • Docker

  • Amazon Web Services & Kubernetes


We want to be as transparent as possible and not waste people's time so here is our interview process. We believe it is simple, thorough and fair (no “CV” required!).

  1. Phone chat to say hello and find out a bit about you

  2. A take-home technical test

  3. Paid trial day working with the team

  4. Decision made

Whilst working with us

  • Donation to an open source project on the Open Collective of your choice

  • Community Deliveroo account for you and to sponsor any events you may host

  • Remote working

  • Relaxed working environment (Old St.) with free beer & coffee


Send us a quick email with your contact details along with something incredible you have built!

[email protected]

Salary range £500 — 700

per day, project dependant.