We were told it was impossible to build companies from scratch, and over the past five years we have built a robust and scalable way to do this. Our method works and has created some of the most valuable companies coming out of Europe and Asia. EF has now created and invested in more than 100 companies, which are now worth >$500m, having raised >$100m in venture capital. Magic Pony Technology was created through the EF process and exited to Twitter in 2016 for a reported $150m, just 18 months after it was founded.

We are very ambitious for the future of EF and we believe that we have a unique opportunity to understand and develop the secret to building billion dollar companies from scratch. No other investor or company has access to this opportunity.

The Fellowship teams role is to turn the selected cohort of 100 individuals into fundable teams. After the Fellowship, the teams are passed to Programme to prepare them for external funding. This role ensures that the operational function of the Fellowship runs smoothly for the team and cohort.

Roles and responsibilities:

Cultivation Pre-Cohort

You will be responsible for:

  • The planning, organisation & execution of a multitude of events throughout the cultivation process, to ensure future cohort members join the Fellowship. Events include: group dinners, drinks, talks & workshops, and social events.
  • Organising checkins & workshops for Fellowship associates to meet regularly with the highest potential individuals
  • Assist the Fellowship Associate with regular cohort comms (through creation of content & newsletters) to maintain a good relationship with them, and ensure they are clear on all things operations wise pre-fellowship.
  • Track various metrics i.e. attendance to events & take action as discussed with the Fellowship associate as needed.
  • Prepare operationally for the joining of the next cohort of companies (Fellowship schedule mapped out, means of communication sorted, events planned).
  • Assist Fellowship associate in planning Kick Off Weekend itinerary
  • Carry out all operational tasks associated with Kick Off Weekend, including execution of operations on the weekend itself.

Team building, Ideation & Preparation for Investment

You will have ownership over all operational tasks throughout the Fellowship including:

  • Handling cohort comms about events and operational processes.
  • Planning and organising all checkins, workshops & events for this phase of the Fellowship.
  • Iterating processes based on feedback with help of the Fellowship associates
  • Organising regular events independently (social or within the Fellowship structure) to keep the cohort engaged.
  • Assisting Fellowship associate in preparation, signing & record keeping of investment documentation.


  • Ensuring that the cohort list of partnerships is kept up to date and all deals are valid & in date.
  • Facilitate cohort’s use of deals & maintain relationships with point of contact if appropriate.
  • Where appropriate, form new partnerships with software companies based on feedback.


To do well in this role:

  • You have strong organisational skills that allow you to perform and prioritise multiple tasks seamlessly with excellent attention to detail.
  • You are exceptionally pro-active and happy to take decisions independently.
  • You have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with all, both internally and externally.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • You’re interested in startups and want to work in a startup environment.
  • You have high EQ and enjoy working with people.


You will report to the Fellowship Manager.


Salary depends on experience.

Above and beyond financial compensation, the benefits of working at EF include:

  • Working at one of the most innovative technology industry companies in the world helping shape the future of the economy
  • Generous holiday allowance (+ additional 2 week shutdown over Christmas period)
  • Deep dive feedback and progress reviews
  • Regular fun team away days to the countryside!
  • The opportunity to shape the activity of one of Europe’s most exciting startup organisations.
  • The opportunity to work closely with top technical talent, cutting-edge startups, innovative corporates and some of the world’s best educational institutions.
  • An intense but fun working environment, where everyone is obsessive about their job (as well as things outside it).
  • A book allowance to help us collectively build the EF library and access to our Cycle to Work scheme.


This role will be based in our London office in Bermondsey (in fact it’s a converted warehouse that used to be a Biscuit Factory - there is a climbing wall and go kart track next door!)

Please note we will not be able to provide a visa for this role.

Salary range £0 — 0

Dependent on experience