Freelance Product Designer (Short Term)

Zero Deposit

London / Remote |  

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We’re looking for a Product Designer (UI&UX) to join us for a short-term piece of work to design an MVP of a property property search journey. We have a clear set of outcomes that we’re looking to test and need you to help us design a customer experience that we think will achieve this.


At Zero Deposit, we help people rent properties without paying a full security deposit, they only have to pay 1 weeks rent instead.

Currently, we distribute our product to tenants by partnering with different letting agents who offer Zero Deposit during the lettings process.

We have just completed a significant piece of research, which has highlighted a demand from the wider market of tenants for our product. We have defined a strategy for how to mobilise this demand from tenants and our first step in this is testing how effectively a property search journey converts tenants.


  • Work with a small, dedicated team to define the customer experience of the journey. Ensure that what we design and build will test the outcomes we are looking to achieve.

  • Create a clear and intuitive user experience across the journey, which fits with our existing digital products and capitalises on learnings from best-in-class user experiences from across the property industry.

  • For each step in the journey, create high-fidelity (across all breakpoints) that our development team can use when building out the journey.

  • Collaborate with our development team during the design and build phases of the project to ensure we are building a highly polished user experience.

Design at Zero Deposit:

Design is an integral part of the brand and product experience at Zero Deposit. We take a research and data driven approach to design in order to ensure that everything we build is moving the metrics that help our business grow, while constantly improving the user experience.