Front-end Developer

Sofar Sounds

css3 html5 London

Bringing the magic back to live music.

Sofar hosts secret intimate living room gigs in over 300 cities, across 70 countries. We are a global community of music lovers, dedicated to transforming the way live music is experienced and discovered, offline and on. Our tech team is based in London.

Role & Responsibilities

We are looking to add a front-end developer to our development team, who shares our passion for new music and wants to work in a fast-paced agile environment.

This is your opportunity to carve out a critical role within one of the UK’s most exciting music startups, funded by top VCs; Octopus, Index and Virgin.

The successful candidate will join our in-house designers, developers, QA and product managers, in creating and iterating:

  • Our events management platform - delivering an excellent end-to-end guest experience across different channels and devices

  • Our brand & messaging - content pages & feeds, features for visitors and members, creating hubs around individual cities to bring in new audiences.

  • A suite of powerful products and tools for our city teams to scale their offering and engage their local audience. Anything you build is amplified by 300 excited teams!

You will sit in a crucial role between the designers and developers, providing the domain knowledge to ensure fast “time to first action” and influence both visual and technical architecture.

Tech Stack & Approach

We’re a small, focused team. We use Heroku, AWS and a suite of SaaS tools to do big things.

Huge fans of Agile and Lean Startup methodologies, our iteration cycle is fast. We discuss, plan, build, measure and learn constantly - this is lean from the trenches!

Skills & Technologies


  • HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript fundamentals

  • Responsive layouts for different browsers and device platforms

  • Browser performance issues - ability to optimise pages and layouts accordingly

  • Build pipelines,

    • E.g. Grunt/Gulp, Webpack/Browserify, pre-processors (SASS/LESS/Stylus), JS minifiers

  • Has used Twitter Bootstrap or similar UI frameworks in the past.

  • Git version control.


  • Interested in component-based UIs

    • (Experience with React.js and/or similar frameworks is a plus)

  • Experience of Agile / Scrum, or similar.

  • StackOverflow is one of your most visited websites.


  • Experience of Ruby and Rails

Company Culture

People who join Sofar Sounds have an excitement and energy about what we’re doing; they want to be a driving force of growth for emerging artists, committed to creating a magical experience for performers and fans alike, and this is reflected in the way they work.

The right candidate should be efficient and a self-starter, understanding and sharing in our vision for changing the world of live music.