Front-End Developer


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Are you up for building a next generation education platform that tackles the ongoing teacher recruitment issue and frees schools from the grips of expensive agencies and job boards? Are you interested in solving problems? Do you have an interest in education? Do you want to be a part of a team building a disruptive solution that currently does not exist?

We are looking for a Front End Developer to join our small team as one of our first engineering hires. As a back end you will have solid experience with the full stack of web technologies. You will be hands on within the technology and working towards making our product the best that it can be by solving the challenges we face. Our team structure means you’ll be part of a flat organisation, not worry about titles, and not only will you own the technology, you will be able to build a team around yourself as you see fit. What really drives you is problem solving and delivering innovative technology and products that make our customers (the schools and teachers) happy.


Staffably is a platform designed to reduce the inefficiencies caused by job boards and agencies, by putting teachers directly in touch with schools and vice versa, providing transparency, efficiency and cost savings. We are changing the way schools are staffed by applying the latest technology and thinking to a keenly felt problem. Our web (and soon mobile) apps are used by teachers to create their profiles, set their preferences and apply for jobs that match their needs. Schools can create their profiles, have access to all the profiles of teachers on the platform, post employment opportunities and get in touch with teachers directly.


As we are quickly growing, we are looking for a Front End developer to join us, own our technology and product, and grow with the team. You must have real passion and aptitude for programming and making products. You should have done a lot of exploration of various technologies that interest you, keep up to date with the latest and have done a few exciting projects yourself. In addition:

  • You will have desire to gain experience and develop your career in an agile, vibrant startup environment

  • Someone with side-project interests or an active GitHub profile would be highly desirable

  • A self-starter who's happy to absorb unfamiliar technologies and keen to refine their skillset

  • Someone who can operate with a degree of autonomy and organise their tasks, but keep an eye on the bigger picture

  • A good communicator who's keen to be an active participant in the development and success of the Business.

  • Suited to an Agile environment. The ability to maintain team velocity while adapting to changeable business requirements.


  • Experience of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is essential

  • Some experience of AngularJS 1.x will be necessary

  • Some exposure to Twitter Bootstrap 3 or 4

  • Any SASS or LESS experience would be beneficial

  • An understanding of how to consume RESTful APIs in JavaScript

  • An appreciation of how to build a responsive client that looks good and works well on mobile platforms

  • A keen eye for detail, an appreciation of good UX, and the ability to work closely with a Designer

  • Mobile app development experience is also a plus

We are a team of awesome people based in central london. Join us and be challenged on a daily basis, while having fun and solving the hardest problems with a hint of social good.