Stylindex is a fabulous, funded startup that's just graduated from Techstars London. Stylindex helps fashion brands find the freelance creative talent they need for photoshoots and videos - however our plans stretch well beyond this! We've got great connections, some awesome first clients and a heck of a lot to keep you busy!

We are keen to hire an experienced, curious, and enthusiastic team member to build something beautiful and functional.  We expect your role will grow as the company does.

Skills you'll need

  1. Strong Python-fu (we're mainly using 2.7)
  2. Have worked with cloud computing platforms, e.g. AWS, Google Cloud Platform (App Engine).
  3. Know your way around the owasp top 10
  4. Git

What we value

● Be Creative​ - find new & beautiful ways to solve problems and delight customers

● Set Trends​ - think about the wants & needs of the future, not the wants & needs of now

● Be Honest​ - be known for integrity, candour, authenticity, and transparency

● Be Relentless in Pursuit of Excellence​ - go the extra mile for unsurpassed quality

● Follow The Golden Rule​ - treat others as you want to be treated (or better!)

● Have fun​ - be positive, be playful, embrace humour


Q: What's the rest of the stack?

A: We're moving towards a microservices architecture, with an internal API powering a ReactJS front end

Q: Dev team?

A: Remote dev team of 5 and we're building out the local team now to complement them - currently one front end engineer and one backend engineer (CTO).

Q: Fashion tech... what do I wear?? :o

A: Whatever you're comfortable with - jeans and a t-shirt, a cape, a feather boa. CTO typically wears jeans and a polo shirt. CEO's outfit usually features gold (the colour rather than the metal).

Q: Is remote an option?

A: We have a number of awesome remote engineers - but this role is suited to working out of our London office only.


        If this is you, please reach out ([email protected]) with a link to your portfolio and a little bit about you.

        Salary range £60,000 — 70,000

        Dependent on awesomeness