Frontend Web Engineer


javascript react web London

We're looking for more incredible frontend web engineers to help develop our products and bring the joy of web to our other teams. If you've got strong React experience and a friendly attitude, get in touch.

Although it may surprise you, we build a lot on the web including:

  • A web application for consumers
  • Simcity, our top secret city analysis and network planning tool
  • Tools to improve data in cities
  • Buses (well, the onboard screen tech at least)

You'll code, test, review, and ship multiple times a week - in between providing your expertise to help guide us through all of the decisions that go into building both great products and a great company.


You should have a strong understanding of best practices of web development and impressive front-end skills (ES6, JS).


  • React, Redux
  • GraphQL, Node, Flow
  • CSS Modules, CSS-in-JS
  • Other better tools that we don't even know about yet (come and tell us!)


  • Commercial web development experience
  • Experience working in cross-functional teams
  • Experience working with maps and GeoJSON a plus (but you already knew that)

Important traits:

  • Be self-directed and driven
  • Have the ability to articulate super-nerdy ideas to people who don't have computer science degrees
  • Take pride in the work you do