We’re looking for a well-rounded Full Stack Developer to join our growing development team in Central London. You will be a key member of the team, defining and delivering core features/experiences for the Immerse VR platform.

As part of the platform team, you will help develop and maintain software and infrastructure across the whole stack, including:

  • A rich front end written in Angular, making extensive use of RxJS, with a websocket client for real time multi-user synchronization
  • A stateless RESTful API backend written in Node.js, with MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases
  • A Websocket server written in Golang
  • A C# windows application in charge of downloading, managing and launching the VR applications on client machines.
  • A solid infrastructure as code, hosted in AWS (including multiple services: ECS, S3, RDS, etc), and managed and programmed using Terraform.

As a basic rule of thumb, we expect you to spend 80% of our time working with Node/Angular and 20% other technologies in our stack.

Our core workflow includes:

  • TDD (Unit/Integration/Acceptance tests).
  • Code Review/Pull requests.
  • Automatic deployment / Continuous integration.

Skills and experience required are

  • Backend: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, SQL
  • Frontend: Angular 2+ Javascript/Typescript, Reactive programming (Rx), WebSockets

We are looking for developers with at least 5 years experience, although these could be in engineering - or more specifically solving problems in a web stack - not necessarily the technologies listed.

If you’re interested, you will also have the opportunity to get involved in:

  • DevOps/Programmable infrastructure and automated deployment (with Terraform on AWS)
  • A high performance websocket server written in Golang
  • VR application development.

---- About Immerse.io ----

We are a VR technology company based in central London, EC1N. Our industry-leading platform enables enterprise customers to create, distribute and track amazing VR training experiences – and the demand is growing quickly.

We work with some of the world’s best companies, including DHL, Accenture, PWC, Inmarsat and Qinetiq and some very big names we’re not allowed to mention. We power virtual submarines, oil refineries, medical rooms, rugby pitches, aircraft hangars and much more.

As a team, we believe in balancing autonomy and collaboration, ingenuity and doggedness, focus and fun. Obviously, we also love VR and truly believe it can change the way people learn.

Take a look at these videos for an idea of what we do:

  • Company video - https://youtu.be/VKgafz8Xqvk
  • Satellite Assembly Training - https://youtu.be/awkZExh0JYE
  • CT Scanner Training - https://youtu.be/wh09iDqz64o

Salary range £60,000 — 80,000

Dependent on experience