Founding Software Engineer


London | Full-Time

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Buying B2B software sucks.

If you've ever tried to buy a new dev tool and run into the dreaded 'Contact Sales' button, you'll know what we're talking about. Unnecessary meetings, late follow-up from sales reps, and pressurising tactics to make you buy.

Traditional sales techniques made sense in a world where buyers needed a lot of help and implementations were bespoke for each customer. But it makes no sense today. SaaS spend is $400bn+ per year and software is increasingly commoditised. Buyers are working remotely and asynchronously. They want one thing above all else: Ease.

At Loxo, we're building a new way for companies to stand out and sell.

Loxo is the first self-serve sales platform. It lets B2B sales reps create personalised mini-sites which power a whole new approach to sales. It's self-serve, async, and helps sellers stand out & win deals with customers who are working remotely.

The market is huge. Salesforce built a $300bn company helping sales teams track their deals. Gong built a $7bn company in 6 years with its call recorder for sales meetings and its growing fast. We think the platform that powers the full sales process — re-thinking how sales reps and buyers collaborate remotely — will be even bigger.

❤️Our early customers really really love Loxo (using it daily, with spontaneous word-of-mouth growth).

💰And investors are backing us with millions of dollars. We just raised a large seed round from several top investors in the US and Europe (happy to tell you more on a call).

We've got TONS to build. And that's where you come in...

If you join us, you’ll be a founding team member and inevitably shape:

  1. Our culture
  2. Who we hire
  3. Our design & engineering practices
  4. The scope and focus of our product

About the Role

Toby, our founder, was Ironclad's (YC S15) first business-hire and helped grow the company from early-startup to unicorn. He built the MVP of Loxo to solve his own problems as a sales leader.

Now we're looking for a great hacker to spearhead the design and development of our product going forward.

We're looking for a connoisseur with good taste in technologies to define the direction of our engineering efforts, and turn our rapidly prototyped MVP into a real product with solid foundations.

Our existing prototype has massive traction with early users, but where we're going more serious engineering will be required. For this role, what begins as an almost-greenfield project will become a long-term effort to build the operating system for sales teams.

We are open to both in-person (London) and remote hires, and we're willing to help you relocate/sponsor visas etc. if you would like to move to London!

What we're looking for:

  • Fluency in the relevant tools and technologies to stand up a modern web app, such as:
  • AWS or GCP
  • Databases (Dynamo or equivalents, Postgres)
  • Backend logic with services or lambdas (Python, Typescript or equivalent)
  • Frontend engineering (Typescript/React or equivalent)
  • Authentication (Either within a platform like GCP or an equivalent like Auth0)
  • Observability and metrics tools (Logrocket, Mixpanel etc)
  • We don't define experience by number of years. We're looking for an ability to stand up a modern web app from scratch on your own, and we don't mind how you acquired those skills. 4+ years in a great engineering team working on a codebase at scale, would probably give you the requisite skillset, but that's just intended as a helpful guide, not a strict requirement.
  • Ability to make trade-offs between 'good enough' and perfect in service of the user. We believe this is the core challenge of building a startup, in engineering as well as non-engineering roles.
  • Ability to focus and work quickly.
  • You get enjoyment from speaking with users directly.
  • You're interested in creating a happy medium between useful processes and organisational structure vs. retaining speed and flexibility. (For example, you're good at deciding when to prioritise writing documentation instead of getting started on the next new feature.)
  • You agree with us that a 'disagree and commit' approach is critical so that the team can move forward towards shared goals.
  • You're interested in being part of a rapid growth journey. You are comfortable with uncertainty and lots of change.

How we work - Three key points:

  1. We move fast, accepting technical debt where it makes sense. We are pragmatic and intentional around the trade-off between speed vs. technical debt. To the extent possible, we try to understand the consequences of the choices we are making, but we are willing to take on technical debt in order to build a product that users love.
  2. We talk to users a lot. We carve out large chunks of time every day for focused building to avoid distraction. But every week we're talking to new users, running user onboarding, discussing feature requests, getting feedback on new features, and hanging out with users at company-organised events. We're obsessed with understanding our users so that we can build something they love.
  3. We're excited about the capabilities of small teams. We're not interested in growing the team size for the sake of it. In fact, we think small teams have many advantages over big teams and we are planning to grow in a carefully considered way.

Salary range £60,000 — 100,000

Dependent on experience