Hey πŸ‘‹

Do you like solving problems? Building things? Breaking things? Experimenting with things? (because we do)

Come on, the answer's yes already...

We'd like you onboard πŸ„

We're seed funded, we're early, we're moving super fast, and we're about to solve a MASSIVE problem. At Metomic, we're building the trust infrastructure of the internet. Organisations of all types use our software to empower their users with transparency and control of data throughout their websites and apps. We're completely redefining the meaning of "data privacy".

It's a greenfield opportunity. We have:
  • A vision to make the transparency of data usage globally important. We want to make data-misuse and manipulation a thing of the past by giving every product and service in the world a permissions screen
  • A wide-open green field of freshly baked services
  • A young and pliable tech stack and infrastructure
  • Energy and drive in abundance
We love awesome engineering, and awesome engineers:
  • We're playing with Docker, Typescript/NodeJS, Go, a smidge of Python, React, rapid prototyping, metrics-metrics-metrics and tight feedback loops
  • We love autonomy and ownership, and believe in empowering our team
  • We like polyglots! If you take like a duck to water with new languages, we don't care if you haven't used much of ours
You're curious, creative and smart...

And modest, too. Here are some of the other things that you have:

  • A curious mind. A love for the question "why"
  • Flexibility. Your peers say you can turn your hand to pretty much anything you set your mind to
  • Good communication skills. We're a small team
  • The ability to code (no surprises here). You are comfortable in two or more languages
  • The ability to build fast
  • A working knowledge of devops. You can spin up a cloud hosted prototype in a jiffy...
  • ... or have sufficient google skills to make it look like you already could
...and you have a wide set of interests:

Perhaps in your free time you've dabbled with front-end. Or painting. Or robots. Or a markov-chain Trump-tweet generator. In which case can you take it down please? It's currently running the United States.

Hey you said full-stack ... but "dabbled" with front-end?

Yes. We don't need you to be a front-end person. We're looking for a great engineer in general, not a specialism - and this is the closest tag we could decide upon. So if you've ever felt "But I do lots of things! How do I present myself as capable doer of multitudinous things?" then you're perfect. "So do I need to build the front-end" Nope!

Unless that's your burning passion, in which case, hey, we'll hook you up.

What else? I want more. Open-source? Dev talks? Community?

Ok, we're going to be hitting the noise channels pretty hard to make a bit of a racket. We're engineers, and a lot of other engineers are getting on board with this idea of doing shared data "right".

So for us that means: meetups, blogging, tech talks, open-sourcing, spec-defining and platform designing. There will be lots of pizza and snacks because we're supposed to like pizza and snacks and Richard's pretty health conscious so there'll be some kind of vegetable presence too.

And if you like the sound of having a voice in the community, we will absolutely make that happen.

Whoa whoa wait, what are you going to offer me? πŸ€”

Of course. We believe in hiring good people, and paying them well. This is a big role, it comes with a decent salary. We're also offering equity, because we want everyone to be in the same boat. Other perks that might interest you are:

  • ✈️ We encourage employees to take at least one whole week off each quarter by giving them Β£250 to spend on some form of trip.
  • πŸ“˜ Everyone gets Β£400 each year to spend on something which helps them learn such as online courses.
  • 🍏 Being healthy is important, so everyone has private medical insurance as well a healthy food in the office at all times.
  • 😊 We proactively encourage flexible working. We're not at a stage to offer full-time remote, but people should work when and where they are most effective. We trust each other.

Salary range Β£60,000 β€” 80,000