Why do we still use bits of plastic from the '70's in everything we do...

Ready to flip the payments world on it's head?

We are building a new payments network, getting rid of the archaic complexities of card payments, giving businesses a quick (15 minutes) and cheap (0.1%) way to get paid directly from their customer, without the hassle, time and risk associated with cards...

Join a startup at the beginning to create something truly amazing.

Pre launch, funding secured(ing), we are early which means you joining now gives you the ability and place to change and shape something awesome. You'll be part of the core team, shaping the Trilo platform.

And most importantly you'll be the one building Trilo from the ground up, initially building the back end payments API structure, then moving on the general platform & interface.

We'll build the team, develop the MVP, and set Trilo on a steep and rapid trajectory.

Skills (required):

  • Full Stack developing experience.
  • 5 years professional developing experience, with some (or lots of) experience in FinTech & payments/banking.
  • Previous Startup experience, be it internship or part time or full time employment, if you can bring to the table some great habit/lesson all the better.

Skills (useful):

  • A strong understanding of Open Banking APIs & their integration, as well as how to use them the most efficiently.

  • Being good (but to too good) at table tennis, or xbox...

  • Previous startup founding team experience.

  • You know some nifty tricks that others wouldn't.

Salary will increase as we grow...

Salary range £30,000 — 40,000

Vested options of 5-10% are available (encouraged), depending on experience.