Experienced full-stack developer


javascript node.js react aws lambda London


Come and join a startup on a journey to becoming the leading marketplace for amazing memories and shared experiences!

  • Winner: Luxury Website of the Year
  • Winner: Online Retailer of the Year

We’re looking for a versatile, enthusiastic engineer who will help us create delightful and engaging user experiences for our customers, giving them easy access to any kind of supplier of cool, authentic, interesting, fun and tasty experiences around the world. We need people who can work across the tech stack in a cross-functional team, contribute on architectural decisions and enable the team to deliver innovative and elegant solutions to some hairy operational challenges.

Our stack currently includes: Node.js, AWS (Lambda, EC2, SNS, SQS, S3), React, PHP & Magento e-commerce, Redis, Ansible.

We like engineers who code for readability and maintainability. These are some other desirable traits you should have:

  • You’re happy to help others when they get stuck on a problem
  • You write automated tests
  • You understand the use for a .editorconfig
  • You document when you make changes others might need to understand in the future
  • Your commit messages make sense
  • You make technical decisions that future-you won’t hate you for
  • You don’t mind being available for out-of-hours emergencies
  • You ask for help when you don’t know something
  • You speak up when you think there’s a better way to do something
  • You understand the need for a common development process
  • You keep up-to-date with software engineering by reading blogs and attending interesting meetups

The interview process is:

  • An initial screening call so you can understand what you’d be getting yourself into!
  • A technical test in the form of a friendly, non-scary pairing session
  • A face-to-face interview
  • An interview with some of the wider team

Finally, we’re very hard working but we do enjoy celebrating the end of a good week and trying out one or two of our amazing experiences for ourselves and as a team!