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About Zero Deposit

Moving into a new rental property is expensive.

The security deposit can cost up to six-weeks rent and often tenants have to find their next deposit before getting their last one back.

We're changing that by giving tenants an alternative.

With us, tenants have the option to pay one week’s rent, instead of a security deposit, while providing landlords with the same security as a six-week deposit.

We have big ambitions and are well funded to deliver on these.

Development at Zero Deposit

We're looking for a Senior Developer to join our team, most of us work from our London office, near Liverpool Street. Some of us have worked remote/abroad for periods also, however candidates must be eligible to work in the UK.

We're looking for someone who can help us build the products and features needed to drive our rapid growth and who will be instrumental in deciding how these get built. You'll also help us continuously improve our existing platform to ensure that it's always reliable and maintainable.

You'll fit in well with our team if you:

  • Want to build things which are genuinely useful to end users using modern web app technologies
  • Care about the quality of things you build and know how to use automated testing to keep quality high, bonus points if you can teach us some new techniques to improve quality!
  • Want to be part of a team who have a desire to learn and improve, you’re likely learning a new framework or language currently
  • Are curious about new technologies but pragmatic about getting things done, we'd love to hear about what work you're proud of.
  • Want to contribute to a strong engineering culture, you should be open to change, alternative approaches and understand deleting code can be as important as writing new code

Tech Stack

Our current setup is:

  • Infrastructure: AWS (S3, Route53, CloudFront, Lambda, RDS), Heroku (Enterprise, Connect)
  • Backend: Python (Django/Pyramid), Haskell, Postgres, Celery, RabbitMQ
  • Frontend: React & Storybook, Stylelint, SuitCSS, Mithril
  • zerodeposit.com: JAM stack using Contentful & Netlify

We are open minded about new technologies and always up for challenging ourselves to ensure we've made the correct decisions.

What will you do?

In your first week:

  • Build a feature, have it reviewed and review a feature that somebody else has built
  • See how easy it is to deploy your feature to production and understand our continuous deployment pipeline which makes this possible
  • Learn about our architecture, tech stack, how our platform works and the key design decisions we've made
  • Go for a team lunch and meet everyone
  • Attend a planning session to understand our short-term goals and longer term roadmap

In your first 3 months:

  • Take ownership of at least one area of the codebase and ensure a high service level and uptime as we grow
  • Be given time to experiment with new technologies and create prototypes
  • Choose what technologies we should use for our next products and features with the team
  • Understand the wider business goals, who our customers are and why they use our products to allow you to make independent decisions
  • Create a bug, fix a bug and not be judged for it
  • Help up-skill junior members of the team and learn from them in return
  • Attend company all-hands event


  • Competitive Salary
  • Performance-related bonus
  • Work from home
  • Flexible start and end to your day
  • 25 days annual leave and your birthday off
  • MacBooks as standard, or whatever devices you need to get the job done
  • Pension contributions
  • Life cover
  • Respect the need for work life balance, we work hard while we’re here but won’t take over your entire life.

Salary and package are competitive. We're committed to being an equal opportunities employer. No recruiters.

Salary range £45,000 — 85,000

Depending on experience