Full Stack Developer/CTO


London | Full-Time

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We're looking for a tech co-founder to take Devas from a concept to a reality. 

In short you will have experience building mobile apps, for either iOS or Android (ideally both), have experience working with machine learning models (this is a nice to have as we are also on the look out for a data scientist) and will be passionate about improving mental health (this is a must!).

To give you a little more on us and Devas:

What’s special about us?

We can hold our hands on our hearts and say, if we achieve what we set out to, that the world will be a much better place as a result, for everyone. How many places can you work where you can say that?

What hard problem are we trying to solve?

Like many things in life, mental wellbeing is not binary, you are not either 'well' or 'depressed' and nobody stays at one point their whole life (and most not even on the same day for that matter).

​We all experience periods of low or negative mood, sometimes we can handle these ourselves, but sometimes they can take us to darker places that are more difficult to escape from.

Identifying depression is really hard, we’re often reluctant to seek help and even close friends and partners miss the signs as many of us are great at hiding how we feel. But what we can’t see, we can’t help.

While mental health awareness and support has grown massively in recent years, at Devas we believe we are still at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to identification, especially for very early stage issues or when they are considered too ‘minor’ for formal intervention.

Devas will change that.

What’s great about our culture?

As you can imagine, given our mission, a people-first culture is incredibly important to us; we believe that to build a great company you have to start by hiring and developing incredible people. Being one of the founding members of the team you will have an amazing opportunity to shape ours, making it everything you think it should be in order for us to create something spectacular.

What is the product?

Devas is a mobile app that uses your mobile phone/device behaviour (e.g your call and messaging activity, screen-time, social media usage, location and physical activity) to identify when you are in a lower mood or depressed state.

Then when these mood states inevitably appear, we want to get you out of them ASAP, before they manifest themselves in more sinister ways.

Devas relies on 'Guardians', these are your best friends, partners, relatives or anyone else you feel you can trust.

We'll let them know if we think you aren't yourself and help them to try and help you, no immediate professional intervention, no chatbots, just someone you trust to talk to.

Devas isn’t just for those who feel like they have had mental health issues before, it’s for everyone.

We need to pay better attention to our mental health, it’s just good hygiene, and owe it to ourselves to do everything we can to live our lives to the fullest, helping others out in the process.