Software Engineer; Elixir and/or Node.js


  • You’ll get to work with Elixir, GraphQL (Apollo), TypeScript, Node.js, React, RabbitMQ, Auth0, Circle CI, GCP

  • Remote Working an option (up to 50%)

  • £60–80k + Awesome lifestyle benefits (incl. unlimited holiday)


How’s the company culture?

We are product-driven (and flat-structure) organisation with strong focus on engineering. We are pragmatic, we try to move fast, but we also care about craftsmanship.

What management style or development methodology (e.g. Scrum, XP) does the team use? Do you use JIRA or Trello?

At the moment, we prefer the Kanban method. We use JIRA (and Confluence).

Does management have a technical background?

Our management comes from different engineering disciplines who have strong trust in their product engineering team.

How many people are on the team?

At the time of writing, there is 10 of us.

How do you handle working hours? Do you use time tracking?

We usually come in for the standup, otherwise, we are pretty flexible.

Which product/area of the product will I be working on?

Our aim is to build a culture that promotes understanding of the entire platform as well as being able to contribute anywhere in the stack.

What does the office environment look like? What hardware will I be using?

We are based in WeWork (Old Street for now). We use Apple hardware which will be provided based on your preference.

How do people usually dress at the office?

Casual, there is no dress code. We want you to feel comfy!

About us

At Orkestro, we harness human and machine intelligence to disrupt the logistics industry. Our ultimate goal is to build a sustainable transportation network through advanced technology, innovation and cooperation while putting people and the planet first. We orchestrate B2B delivery process to optimise speed, reduce costs and minimise risks. We are orchestrators, actuators of intelligence.

As one of the most promising early-stage technology companies right now, we are hiring a range of smart and ambitious individuals. We always strive to push the boundaries of creativity while adapting to stakeholder demands and global trends. Therefore, rather than defining roles with high specificity at this stage, we are approaching our team building in a holacratic manner. We envision that our early stage team will be made up of people that are holistic problem solvers and see the bigger picture as regards all stakeholders that join our ecosystem.

Our ambitions are big, and this is reflected in the funding position we are now in - with a multimillion investment secured from carefully selected institutional venture capitalist including Cherry Ventures and LocalGlobe - investors that have backed the likes of Citymapper, Improbable, Lovefilm (acquired by Amazon), Transferwise and Zoopla (London Stock Exchange listed followed by a recent Silverlake buyout).

Technologies we use

  • TypeScript

  • Node.js

  • Elixir

  • GraphQL (Apollo, incl. Subscriptions)

  • React (think Hooks 😎)

  • RabbitMQ

  • Auth0

  • Circle CI, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes

Role Overview

As a Software Engineer, you will help design and architect our backend systems and create modern solutions across different stacks that are well-engineered, fun to work with and easy to maintain. In addition, you will take part in constantly innovating our tech as well as helping shape our engineering culture through learning, innovation, and sharing knowledge.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and deliver elegant, maintainable, and modern solutions with focus on quality

  • Contribute ideas and influence business-wide solution architecture

  • Innovate by staying on top of new tech

  • Help create a culture of learning, collaboration, innovation, and autonomy


Here is a list of prerequisites we believe are in alignment with our vision, culture and values. We're open-minded, so if you recognise yourself as someone with any of these traits, we’d love to speak with you.

  • Pragmatic Thinking

  • Solid hands-on skills with an eye for both code architecture and modelling

  • Appreciation for an engineering culture with high test and automation discipline

  • Understanding of microservice/service-oriented and distributed architectures

  • Understanding of event-sourced and/or event-driven architectures

  • Passionate about learning, collaborating across teams, and professional development

  • Familiarity with business/development methodologies such as Agile, Lean or XP

  • Focus on quality while delivering value at speed

  • Experience with container and container orchestration technologies beneficial

  • Focus on solving real-world problems

We do not expect you to tick all the boxes – that said, you should be the type of Engineer who is open-minded, who wants to pick up new technologies, learn something new, and perhaps has a few personal projects to showcase.


  • Cutting-edge Tech

  • Great Location (Old Street)

  • Remote working (up to 50%)

  • Unlimited holiday

  • Competitive Salary

  • Mix-and-match stock options and/or higher salary

  • Lifestyle benefits (£2k a year towards personal development budget)

The Interview Process

Our interview process begins with an introductory phone call to help you learn more about the role and help us learn more about you and your background. If we move forward, we will invite you to an on-site interview so we can have a face to face chat and write some code together. You will also have the chance to meet the team and our technology leaders, have a look around our offices and get a feel for who we are. You will hear back from us within 24 hours.

Salary range £60,000 — 80,000

Dependent on experience