Computers will soon be able to understand what they see to the same level of accuracy as people! We started ThirdEye to define how businesses and governments will use this new power to create safer, more people-centric and efficient public spaces.

Founded in 2016, ThirdEye uses AI to automate the world’s 245m CCTV cameras. We then put this power in real-time into the hands of all retail workers and make them see where customers are looking at and what they interact with. This helps retailers reduce theft, optimise store operations & product promotions, and much more. Thereby, we keep our clients productive and competitive in an ever evolving market.


We are looking for a full-stack engineer. You will be positioned at the beginning of the product life-cycle and you will build prototypes and tools for internal and external stakeholders.

Focus of the Role:

Your main mission will be to quickly build proof-of-concepts for our customers ahead of release versions which are being built by specialized product teams. The other part of your work at ThirdEye will be to enhance the productivity of the machine learning and infrastructure teams by helping these teams to build support-tools.

We prefer candidates with experience in our current stack but we are open to candidates who can prove that they can work efficiently in related stacks.

Tech Stack:

Our current stack uses the following technologies:

- Ubuntu

- Docker and Kubernetes

- Python - PostgreSQL

- Hasura / GraphQL

- React

- Firebase

We welcome candidates with experience in either React or Angular or a strong desire to learn a modern web-framework.

Whats in it for you:

- Learning budget

- Dedicated time to learn and hone new skills

- Loads of team socials including ski trips with other businesses!

- Pension contributions 

- 36 days holiday per year (incl bank holidays) 

- Generous amount of equity