About Thriva

We’re building the world’s first preventative healthcare service to address the 1 in 4 unnecessary deaths. In 5–10 years time people will look back and think it’s crazy how we approached health. People find it very difficult to get a grip on what’s going on inside, and this leads to big problems later on as our lifestyles catch up with us. Thriva is going to be the one to change that, hopefully with your help!

We’ve started by making it simple to track the most valuable internal health data and we’ve built a platform on top of a slick home testing service. That’s just the start, with the possibility to do so much more! We’re a growing team of tech, product, marketing and medical people who truly care about what we do. What’s more, we’ve got a fantastic group of investors including Seedcamp, 500 startups, Alex Chesterman (founder of Zoopla), Taavet Hinrikus (founder of Transferwise) and many more experienced entrepreneurs.

How did it start?

Thriva was launched in early 2016 by three cofounders: Eliot Brooks, Tom Livesey & Hamish Grierson. Eliot has a genetic condition requiring him to go for regular blood tests and the broken process and lack of ownership over the resulting data left him feeling disempowered. After starting out as a way to solve this problem for people like Eliot, the much wider opportunity to become the consumer company driving forward proactive & preventative health tracking became clear and the team has been working towards this mission ever since.

Where are we now?

We are now a team of 12 based in London, with a fast growing consumer subscription product as well as a partner platform and a lot of exciting stuff behind the scenes and in the pipeline. There are lots of problems we work on that aren’t immediately obvious: How do we optimise pricing between multiple labs? How do we make the physical testing process as simple and easy as possible? How do we use genomics and wearable data to add context to customers’ results?

What we are looking for

We are looking for talented engineers who believe in what we are doing and want to help build a world-class product. We want people who are passionate about what they do and love to learn new things. We believe being humble is a really important quality. Startups are hard enough as it is, we try and bring as much fun and weirdness to the office as we can. While we are a health tech company, we are also all human. We like to eat and drink things that aren’t always good for us, just not all the time.


  • You have experience building modern web applications with Ruby and Javascript.
  • You are quick to learn new technologies, languages and frameworks but understand that shiny and new isn’t always the best tool for the job and can reason about what the right choice is and why.
  • You care about code quality and maintainability but don’t optimise prematurely and understand when it’s right to make tradeoffs to get things in front of customers.
  • You have designed and developed REST APIs and have a good understanding of HTTP and ideally understand what makes a good public API.

Bonus points

  • You have experience working with AWS suit of tools or similar and like to get stuck in on Devops.
  • You have experience or an interest in building native mobile apps.
  • You have worked in a microservice environment and understand how to structure, build and maintain services.
  • You have worked with technologies such as Redis and RabbitMQ and understand how and when they can help.

    Technologies we currently use:

    • Ruby, Rails, Sinatra
    • Vue.js, Node
    • PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ
    • Heroku, AWS, Docker


    • Very competitive salary plus options, depending on experience
    • Regular team activities such as away days to Cognac, escape challenges and brewery trips
    • Flexible working hours to accommodate your preferences, whether its early starts or late finishes
    • Lots of time off, with 28 days paid annual leave (excluding bank holidays) to enjoy some all important time away
    • Choose your own equipment and setup
    • Well equipped central London office (EC2A)

    More on us:

    Techcrunch, Wired, Marketing Week, Daily Mail

    Salary range £45,000 — 80,000

    Options included as part of package