• Location: White City / Wood Lane, London
  • Full time

Job description

Silicon Valley tells you that every startup is changing the world. Have you ever wanted to work on something that actually does?

We help people reverse and prevent lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes. This means if someone is living with type 2 – we can actually reverse the effects of it. That means no more drugs, amputations, blindness, or dialysis. It changes the entire course of people’s lives and that is no hyperbole.

Engineering at OurPath doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In this role, you’ll be working alongside a small team of crack engineers, designers and dieticians to build the best behavioural change programme in the world.

The features you craft will be delivered to users each day and you, along with the rest of the engineering team, will be tasked with making sure these features provide the best possible results and experience for our users!

What you’ll be working on

Our core product is a React Native app and this is where the majority of our users interact with OurPath. You will lead the development of new features for the app and be a point of reference for our junior developers. We release multiple times a week through CodePush, so the ability to build features iteratively is really important to us.

The app is supported by a Node.js server and MongoDB server which you will be adding new endpoints to as well as enhancing the existing codebase. Our continuous integration setup means we deploy our web code every time a pull request is merged.

Our world class dietitians provide support and guidance through our mentor platform which is currently written in AngularJS but we are migrating this, along with our consumer website, to Next.js.

Skills & requirements


  • Javascript, our frontend and backend code is written in JS
  • Experience with React-Native
  • Experience with a popular Javascript framework (React, Angular, Vue)
  • Comfortable with Git
  • You have worked in a real agile environment
  • 2+ years experience delivering production quality code


  • You’ll be product-focused, we write code to deliver impactful features to users
  • You’ll love great design and appreciate good UX
  • You’ll be comfortable in a fast-paced startup environment
  • You’ll have a strategic approach to development (fast but sustainable)
  • You’ll understand how to architect an API
  • Understand how Node.js works
  • Be familiar with AWS Services like EC2 & AutoScaling, Lambda, CloudFront, Route53

The Company

OurPath are a VC-backed technology startup trying to save the NHS. Type 2 diabetes now costs almost 10% of the entire NHS budget – but is entirely avoidable with lifestyle change.

OurPath provide a digital behavioural change programme, proven to change people’s behaviours and reduce their risk and complications of type 2 diabetes.

The programme incorporates evidence-based education, health coaches, peer group support, and digital tracking tools. Everything is delivered digitally through phone and web apps.

We provide OurPath directly to the NHS for people living with type 2 diabetes, and you an also buy the programme as a consumer on our website.

We are a team of ex-strategy consultants in our late 20s and are incredibly passionate about solving the type 2 diabetes epidemic. We believe OurPath is a fun place to work with an informal, non-bureaucratic, and agile working environment. You’ll also have a nice amount of autonomy over your work-life balance. Finally, we will provide endless amounts of poor jokes and sub-standard humour. Just so you know.

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To Apply

This position is available to start immediately, so please send your CV and a short email as to why you’d like to work here to [email protected]

We’ll be interviewing on a rolling basis, so the quicker you can apply the better.

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