Full Stack Rails Developer


rails javascript react android ios postgres London (Remote Friendly) | Full-Time

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You'll be working in a well funded, London based startup which is changing how people hire staff. Catapult allows bars, restaurants, offices and retailers to book on demand temporary staff. Kind of like Uber for staff.

We’re London based but remote friendly, we try and ensure everyone is together for at least five days every two months so generally have a preference for people being based in Europe.

About You

  • You really get a kick out of making stuff. We’re a team that enjoys finding ways to ship good code, in the form of working products, very quickly.

  • You have a practical approach to TDD, you feel that tests are essential but each one should have a specific purpose

  • You’ve got solid commercial experience in Rails, anything else you can pick up on the job

  • You love learning new technologies and are happy being thrown into the deep end when working with a mixture of Rails, iOS, Android, React and anything else which appears

  • You take professional pride in your code, consistent names, proper formatting and not committing commented out experiments are all important to you

About Us

  • We like learning new things. We needed some minimal Android work doing, so we got some books about Android. Our frontend is just starting to get complicated, so we’re spending some time learning React

  • We like code review, but not for the sake of it. We each make a call every time as to whether we want our PR’s reviewing or not. If we do, somewhere will be there to do so quickly

  • We love to hate Rubocop, it drives us crazy but we know it means well

  • We love Hexagonal Rails (sorry DHH!)

Things you might be working on

  • Improving on the real-time scheduling system used to work out which candidates are available for which roles

  • Converting parts of our V2 UI to V3 using React.js

  • Evaluating the options for evolving our apps, should we go full native? React Native? Ionic?

  • Talking to customers to understand requirements, mentoring junior developers

How We Work

  • A simple agile process we review regularly, everything sits in Trello with short, daily standups

  • Automatic deploys via CI (currently Circle, evaluating GitLab)

  • Lots of autonomy, everybody works closely with the founders and we each take ownership of the features we’re working on. We’re a small team, everybody has input into the product

  • Expect to deploy to production on your first day!

What You’ll Get

  • A strong approach to mentorship and professional development, we like code reviews and learning new tech together. If there's something new and relevant you want to learn, we'll go out of our way to make that possible

  • At least one conference fully paid every year

  • Your choice of hardware

  • A “no questions asked” policy for L&D, if you need materials to learn a new technology, we’ll make sure it happens

  • To work somewhere with an excellent Joel test score

  • Competitive salary, options, team events, beers, meals, all that fun stuff

Salary range £45,000 — 60,000

Dependent On Experience