With Staycation, help us pimp Parisians and Londoners' weekends, in a fast-pace, challenging startup environment in Paris.

As a fullstack developper intern, you'll work directly with the CTO.

You will contribute to enhance Staycation's experience, develop new killing features, increase the platform scalability and think what will become the Staycation's technical stack tomorrow.

Our stack:

- Play! framework (Scala)

- ReactJS

- Redux + sagas

- PostgreSQL

- Heroku

If you are:

- Not afraid of challenges

- Fond of learning new things everyday

- Aware of what is clean code, unit testing and devops

- Able to solve design/algorithmic/architectural problems on your own

We want you!

Job location: Paris

Duration: 4-6 months

Salary range £1,000 — 1,500

Dependent on profile