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Generalist Software Engineer / Co-founder


c++ javascript python slam London | Full-Time

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Oculo is a stealth mode startup addressing inefficiencies in progress monitoring in the $1.7 trillion construction industry with the help of ML and computer vision. We have spent the past 9 months doing extensive customer validation with a number of leading UK construction companies and received very positive feedback. We have also built a few basic prototypes as a proof of concept and to de-risk key tech unknowns, and are now starting to develop a production-ready MVP. The CEO is ex-Atlassian with a background in software engineering and product management, and the rest of the team brings management consulting and senior construction experience with top firms in the industry. The founders are also alumni of London Business School and Oxford, and Oculo is part of the latest LBS Incubator cohort. We have just started our fundraising effort with first money secured already, and are expecting to close the round soon. Several of the top tier firms we engaged with are keen to trial the solution on their construction sites as first customers.

This is where you come in.

We are looking for our first engineering hire to help us design, architect and implement the MVP, then to scale and productise it while helping to expand the engineering team. This could be an early employee or a co-founder role depending on the profile, with a potential to expand into a CTO role in the future.

Salary & equity both negotiable.

Ideally you would be based in London full-time, although we’re happy to be flexible with this.

Required skills and experience:

  • Must have strong experience with C++, JavaScript and Python

  • Experience with and understanding of modern ML techniques

  • Bonus points for experience with computer vision (particularly SLAM and photogrammetry), OpenVSLAM, and utilising IMUs (ie accelerometer, gyroscope, compass sensors) for position approximation

  • Also bonus points for experience with Raspberry Pi, ROS, AWS and mobile network issues (eg 5G connectivity)

  • Pragmatic, get-stuff-done attitude - we are building an MVP right now

  • Past high-growth startup experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or above from a top tier university

  • Management & hiring experience is desired

  • Experience in big brand name tech companies (Google, Amazon, Uber etc) is a plus

In return, you get to:

  • own the engineering choices and roadmap

  • be a critical part of the company, including all strategic decisions

  • build the engineering team & culture

  • work with the latest computer vision technologies

  • …while solving a really big and meaningful problem in the industry.

Contact [email protected] for more details.

No Agencies or Outsourcers please.