• Learn and understand the Airtame design language.
  • Create the visuals for marketing campaigns and assist the commercial art director in how to implement it in the design tasks.
  • Take part in the development and implementation of the brand.
  • Find and create areas where we can optimize design production with the use of templates and Figma.
  • Maintain a successful feedback system within the commercial design team and out towards marketing and support.



  • 3+ years of experience in commercial design or web design.
  • Strong sense of design principles and art theory (color, shape, form, value, etc.).
  • Ability to generate creative concepts across various mediums.
  • Be tools agnostic - meaning that you got Adobe tools under control, but also understand how to embrace a tool like Figma. We strive to do most of our work in Figma as it allows us to share and collaborate more fluently with the other teams.


  • Team player.
  • Bring a high level of self-motivation and time management to reach deadlines.
  • Solid presentation skills.
  • Maintain and assure the quality of the deliverables, no matter the size of the task.
  • Keep pushing the bar of our design language together with the team.