Backed by high-profile investors and led by startup veterans behind two of London's most prominent tech companies, we are disrupting education recruitment.

UK schools spend well over £1bn per year on covering short term absences with supply teachers. The current model is exclusively reliant on agencies that charge massive commissions and are extremely inefficient (everything is paper and phone-call based). We are consolidating this analogue, fragmented, and inefficient marketplace onto a digital platform. Think Uber for supply teachers. In the process we'll put hundreds of millions of pounds back in the education system and have a huge positive impact on teachers and schools.

In this role you will be responsible for driving growth of Zen Educate's school-base.

Activities will include the following but are only limited by your initiative:

  1. Developing new channels to acquire schools through a constant pipeline of test/learn experiments

  2. Reporting on, monitoring and improving existing acquisition channels for schools

  3. Going out and meeting with schools on a daily basis

  4. Designing and implementing processes to improve efficiency of school onboarding

  5. Reporting, monitoring and analysing the school pipeline

Salary range £20,000 — 45,000

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