We're looking for an ex-CTO or senior developer to help us build a world class education company, teaching graduates from less privileged backgrounds. The role will be responsible for the coding academy part of our business. We source high potential graduates where others don't look, help them to become exceptional software developers, and then get them jobs. If you have 6 to 10 years+ of professional experience as a senior software developer, excellent communication skills and likely some experience of or real interest in teaching & learning, we'd love to hear from you. You'd also be part of the executive management team, helping input into and learn from all major decisions - the compensation (salary £80k-£100k with significant options) reflects that and will grow as we do. The role would be London based.


Our mission is to put graduates from less privileged backgrounds on high performance career trajectories: starting with software & data engineers. We're for-profit but completely mission drive, and becoming a B-Corp.

We seek hardworking, curious graduates from less privileged backgrounds and provide world class technical training. We then employ them as high potential junior developers for 2 years & contract them to clients who require flexible talent solutions. We are backed by investors from Google to Goldman Sachs and McKinsey.

The business is founded on two beliefs:

  • Exceptional talent is missed everyday: the common heuristics used to judge graduates, such as Russell group Universities, mean that lots of genuine talent is overlooked. We rigorously source this talent while advancing the science of assessment to ensure we find and help amazing talent. This is the first half of our mission;
  • Exceptional training changes outcomes: the most effective learning practises are rarely used because the institutions that invest in the training don't own the outcomes. Yet Bloom’s seminal educational research proved that the right methods can change learning outcomes by 2 standard deviations (2 sigmas). This is monumental, and the focus of the second half of our mission.


The Head of Education (likely an ex-CTO or senior developer) will be part of the executive management team and will own the build out and management of a world class Coding Academy which:

  • pushes the frontiers of ‘teaching coding’ through learning excellence and constant iteration;
  • uses the most engaging and effective learning methodologies: from individual & group self-directed investigative learning to war gaming, real world problems, pupil/coach reversal, etc.
  • outputs high potential junior coders after 12 weeks (with continued development part time for 2 years).

Initially working with our interim Head of Education / CTO for a cohort, ultimately with a view to leading the teaching in subsequent cohorts & taking over the education pillar of our business.


  • Senior Leadership: strategy & management
    • Hiring, developing & managing a team to build a high functioning coding education business;
    • Improving & extending the curriculum & teaching methods to drive world class training;
    • Forming an integral part of the executive management - helping drive our growth and impact.
  • Day to day operational:
    • Coaching students (individually & in groups) on all aspects of their journey learning to code;
    • Regularly checking in with students, answering questions & helping them overcome problems;
    • Participating in code reviews, pair programming interviews and other activities;
    • Running workshops and live coding demonstrations;
    • Helping the students deliver real world projects that help place them with excellent clients;


  • Owning & obsessing over the learning & the experience: effective, long lasting, inspiring, realistic and practical. Over the course of 12 weeks then 2 years, we want to give them the tools to come out on top whatever happens in there future careers;
  • Living the values of the business, focusing on principle driven personal and organisational growth, and helping us become a world class institution that makes a significant impact.


  • To change the trajectory of talent from less privileged backgrounds, through pivotal training & jobs.


  • 7-10+ years professional experience as a senior software developer or CTO, likely in a dynamic environment with high expectations, and including:
    • Hiring, training and managing junior developers;
    • Delivering products, projects or outcomes (personally and as a team across functions);
    • Owning a key area of a business (devising strategy, setting objectives/KPI’s/budget, then ongoing execution);
    • Management of multiple stakeholders: likely senior leaders, employees, clients, investors, etc.
  • Comfortable with technical knowledge and ability to lead the teaching of an intense 12 week course covering:
    • fullstack web development: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, SQL, API design, deployment.
    • development best practice: object oriented programming, automated testing, version control, agile development practices, dependency management, command line essentials;
    • (in future) the fundamentals of data science and machine learning
  • A genuine interest in and some experience (even if informal) of teaching, training or coaching others.
  • Excellent communication skills and confidence when presenting.
  • A patient empathetic & curious attitude
  • Nice to haves:
    • Experience teaching programming to adults;
    • Knowledge of data science (concepts & tools), dev ops & cybersecurity (likely course extensions)
    • Interest in learning best practice (mastery learning, spaced repetition, flipped classrooms, etc.)


These will develop as we grow and we want this role the help shape them in the future

  • Selflessness: it’s all about the team. It means being part of something bigger. If you fall, we’ll pick you up. If you’re leading, it is to help inspire and carry others;
  • Thoughtful trust: it is critical that we are able to disagree with & challenge one another, so it is also important that we are kind and know what it means to build long term trusting relationships;
  • Performance in the moment: what we did last year, the universities we went to, the grades we got…aren’t that important. High performing teams care about what we’re doing right now, today. We believe the mission is worthwhile, so it matters that we win…because it is through winning that we have an impact;
  • Constant improvement: we’re rigorous about defined goals, measurement & adjustment – without them, improvement is impossible. We take notes, read & practise: we’re geeks through discipline or love of the grind;
  • High cadence curiosity: these can conflict, but it’s a healthy balance that drives our hard work, deep interest in people and slight obsession with the right answers and correct decisions. We have a huge challenge - it matters that we progress every day in the right direction.


  1. Start: June/July/Aug 2021
  2. Compensation: FT £80k-£100k (dependent on experience) + significant Options package
  3. Location: London
  4. Career development: as we expand we will be looking for a CTO to turn what we do into a product, so there is scope for this role to develop into that of a CTO over the next 3 to 5 years;
  5. Benefits: flexible L&D and personal wellness budget, regular socials, support to build profile in the impact & technology industries (if interested).

Salary range £80,000 — 100,000

Significant Options as part of senior management team