Who we are:

Founders Factory is unlike anywhere else. We take a unique approach to business creation and leverage the scale and insight from our forward thinking corporate investors to start and grow technology businesses. We’re on a mission to create a repeatable and reliable methodology to build truly innovative startups that will define the future. Our startup studio/incubator creates entirely new products from scratch and turns promising concepts into prototypes and ultimately an MVP. From there we look to validate the product & business model and attract a founding team that can spin out into a fully-fledged business.

Our Culture:

Let’s be honest, Founders Factory is not for everyone. Working with us is very different than other companies. Not just a job – instead, a pursuit that we live and breathe every single day. We are resilient business builders, thrive in uncertainty, and are incredibly passionate. We want to develop a deeper understanding of the conditions that lead to successful innovation and are hoping to show that there’s a better way to build tech startups and take on the issue that most startups fail. We are creating something meaningful and get paid to learn at an incredible pace.

Incubation Principles:

  • Momentum over perfection
  • Every problem has a solution
  • A sense of ownership is required to innovate
  • Transparency is needed to avoid mistakes and capture key learnings.

This Role:

The strength of our engineering team is core to building our tech startups. In this role you will be both a technical and people leader. You will be responsible for supporting engineers to do their best work within the incubator and empowering them to succeed at taking on the challenges at the heart of the innovative tech startups we build together. Beyond the technical scope of the role, your breadth of experience will be an important input into our incubation model strategy.


Are you an experienced engineering manager but want to go beyond individual projects and have an impact on many teams & businesses? If so, in this role you will:

  • Lead and manage our small team of engineers who have a mix of backgrounds & technical expertise
  • Work closely with your fellow leadership team (including Product, Design, Data Science, & Talent) to identify risks and opportunities around team & strategy for our startups
  • Be accountable for growing the internal team and supporting hiring of engineers for our portfolio startups
  • Grow & nurture the community of developers across our portfolio and support the tech leads of our startup teams to help set their product & technical strategy
  • Apply your own diverse software development skills, knowledge & experience across a range of sectors, business models, & products
  • Ensure learnings from each team & project are brought together to feed back into consistent best practices and processes for the new startups we’re building
  • Provide technical & career mentorship for the members of the tech team
  • Help shape the strategic direction of the Founders Factory incubation model.

Do you have confidence in your technical expertise and leadership skills? We are looking for someone who should:

  • Have engineering management experience in a high-growth startup or medium-sized product-focused tech company
  • Demonstrated track-record of delivering well-engineered products with modern technologies for a variety of different problem domains
  • Be excited about business building and the idea of helping form many new tech startups & teams every year
  • Genuinely enjoy mentoring and coaching engineers to guide their professional, technical and personal development as well as motivating and challenging them to focus on delivering high-quality solutions that match the business requirements of a startup
  • Be enthusiastic about defining and cultivating a product-oriented engineering culture that instils a spirit of continuous improvement in all aspects of building products, while fostering multi-disciplinary teams that value inclusive and respectful collaboration
  • Be keen to grow our community of developers and represent Founders Factory externally
  • Be well organised, able to manage time effectively, and comfortable working across multiple projects/businesses concurrently
  • Have worked on a diverse set of full stack technologies including experience with web, mobile, data and infrastructure
  • Skilled in a variety of programming languages, e.g. Javascript, Python, Java, or Swift
  • Knowledgeable of a range of modern web or mobile frameworks, e.g. React, Angular, Django, Rails, iOS, or Android.

Looking for a rewarding role? We provide the following great benefits:

  • Financial: Equity in Founders Factory, which has a stake in all the startups we support
  • Growth: Work with and meet outstanding & diverse talent, within the Founders Factory team and our wide network of entrepreneurs
  • Growth: Learn faster than you ever have before, developing your knowledge of building early-stage tech startups, not just from the tech perspective but the wider business
  • Environment: All the benefits of the startup world (innovation, ownership, pace, etc) but with more security and support
  • Environment: Comprehensive extended health care coverage, standing desks, yoga, and Stretch O’Clock
  • Environment: Catered lunches, unlimited breakfast, healthy snacks, freshly ground coffee and Paul’s Irish Bar

Salary range £70,000 — 80,000

Fund Equity included in package